What is proton mail?

Proton Mail is an email that respects privacy and puts people (not advertisers) first. Your data belongs to you, and our encryption ensures that. Proton is incorporated and headquartered in Switzerland.

Is ProtonMail safe to use?

If you want to protect your email from prying eyes, but don’t need the kind of protection that keeps spies and whistleblowers alive, ProtonMail could be the secure email service for you. It utilizes PGP encryption standards, is based in Switzerland, and has a solid reputation in the privacy community.

How do I know if a ProtonMail email is encrypted?

You’ll know that an email has come from a ProtonMail account (and thus, that it’s been encrypted internally) when you see a purple padlock in the “From” field next to your contact’s email address. In order to communicate with someone securely, you might want to ask them to set up a ProtonMail account just for that purpose.

How secure is proton for business?

Discover Proton for Business. Proton uses open source, independently audited end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption to secure your emails. This protects against data breaches and ensures no one (not even Proton) can access your inbox.

What is ProtonMail?

ProtonMail is a web-based email service created by a group of engineers, developers, and scientists in Switzerland.

Is ProtonMail encrypted email safe?

What’s more, even ProtonMail employees cannot look inside your mailbox. The best part about ProtonMail encryption is that you can send secure emails even to those who use regular mail clients, such as Gmail. They will receive the link to the encrypted message and will be able to decipher it with a password.

How much did ProtonMail raise to protect privacy?

ProtonMail has raised $2M USD to protect online privacy. ProtonMail Blog. Retrieved 19 October 2015. ^ Announcement: ProtonMail has launched worldwide!. ProtonMail Blog. 17 March 2016. Retrieved 21 July 2016. ^ Fighting Censorship with ProtonMail Encrypted Email Over Tor.

How many emails can I send with ProtonMail?

There’s a sending limit for the free accounts. You should send no more than 50 emails per hour and 150 emails per day. This is intended to prevent bulk emailing, spamming, and returned emails to maintain the integrity of ProtonMail.

Is ProtonMail really secure?

You do these kinds of things, ProtonMail is probably one of the most secure consumer messaging platforms you can use. Security is only as good as how vigilant you are, frankly. It has all the tools necessary to virtually “go dark” with email, but if you’re irresponsible or not concerned with details, you’ll get hacked somehow.

Is ProtonMail good for a personal email?

Yes, you can use ProtonMail as your personal secure email. You can also check out this article: Also, we have recently open sourced GopenPGP which is a major component of our mobile apps. The GopenPGP security audit was also recently completed.

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