Westville prison

westville prison

What is the Westville Correctional Facility?

The Westville Correctional Facility, located in Westville, Indiana, is a state-operated prison for adult males. The facility contains sections of three levels of security.

Where is Westville Prison in South Africa?

Westville Prison is located on the outskirts of Westville, a town inland of Durban. It is one of the largest prisons in South Africa and the only prison located in the Durban area. As of 2005, there were 40,000 inmates at Westville Prison.

Did Durban’s Westville Prison inmates snort cocaine and smoke drugs?

Two videos of prisoners and warders engaged in illicit behaviour at Durban’s Westville Prison have emerged. The cell phone footage shows prisoners snorting what appears to be cocaine and smoking other drugs inside their jail cells. Warders are also seen handing weapons to prisoners and allegedly encouraging them to fight in the videos.

How do I search for an inmate in Westville?

Each offender is searchable by first name and last name. Keep in mind that only records of those in a Westville Correctional Facility can be found here. Those who are looking for an inmate in a city, county, or police jail must look on that website to do an inmate search. You can find the Offender Locator here to start your search.

Whats going on at Durbans Westville Prison?

A number of inmates have been moved to a maximum secure facility following the emergence of two videos from Durbans Westville Prison. One shows an inmate openly snorting drugs, listening to music and dancing. The other shows correctional officials handing weapons to prisoners and instigating them to fight each other.

What happened to ruwain Meer at Westville Prison?

It has resulted in the department of correctional services saying they want an investigation of the matter. Durban - Convicted killer, Ruwain Meer - who is serving a life sentence for a double murder - has not lost his zest for life if videos taken from inside Westville Prison are anything to go by.

Where were the secret videos filmed at Durban prison?

Both videos were filmed secretly at Westville Prison, near Durban, and have taken social media by storm. The department of correctional services on Tuesday confirmed that it had received a preliminary report from prison officials following an internal probe launched by minister of justice and correctional services Ronald Lamola.

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