Le chat

le chat

Who is Le Chat?

While virtually an icon in Wallonia hes far less well known in Flanders. Le Chat is an adult, human-sized obese, anthropomorphic cat who typically wears a suit. He always has the same physical expression.

What is Le Chat sexpose?

For Le Chats 20th anniversary in 2003, Le Soir allowed Geluck to illustrate that days entire newspaper. An exhibition of Le Chats history (and that of his creator), Le Chat sexpose, was first held at the Autoworld Motor Museum in Brussels in Spring 2004, and has since toured Europe.

What does Lele chat mean in French?

Le Chat ( French for the cat ) was a Belgian daily comic strip, created by Philippe Geluck and published in the newspaper Le Soir from March 22, 1983 until March 23, 2013. During its run it quickly became one of the bestselling Franco-Belgian comics series and the mascot of Le Soir.

Where is the statue of Le Chat?

On October 11, 2008 Le Chat received his own market place in Hotton in the Belgian province Luxembourg. A statue of him, sculpted by François Deboucq, was placed in the center, depicting him holding an umbrella which rains water down from inside.

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