Bodo norway

bodo norway

What is the municipality in Norway of Bodø?

This article is about the municipality in Norway. For the town in Bodø Municipality, see Bodø (town). / 67.2827; 14.3751 / 67.2827; 14.3751 Bodø ( pronounced [ˈbûːdøː] ( listen); Lule Sami: Bådåddjo, Swedish: Bodö) is a municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Salten.

What is Bodø famous for?

Bodø received international attention during the U-2 Crisis in May 1960, when it became known that the American U-2 pilot Gary Powers had been shot down over the Soviet Union on his way from Pakistan to Bodø. Bodøs local newspaper is the Avisa Nordland .

How to get from Bodø to Nordland?

Bodø is the hub of Nordland and can be reached by plane, train and boat. If you want to expand your trip, the coastal route Kystriksveien (Rv17) to Trondheim starts in Bodø, and just across the Vestfjord by boat lies the world famous Lofoten Islands.

Where to eat in Bodø?

LystPå was one of the best places I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating at in the north. The restaurant opened in December 2016 and has been serving the locals of Bodø and the city’s travelers ever since.

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