Niss portugal

niss portugal

What is a NISS number?

Social security identification numbers (NISS) enable unique, precise and rigorous nationwide identification for the purposes of social security and allow access to rights and obligations. Applicable for foreign nationals who want to work in Portugal and who do not have an NISS.

What is the social security system in Portugal?

Social security system in Portugal The Welfare Subsystem, which is a contributory scheme, covers most employees or similar workers and also the self-employed (although the latter are subject to special conditions).

What is it doing to help foreign employees in Portugal?

It is also responsible for providing foreign employees in Portugal with information on their social security rights and obligations – through District Social Security Centres, which are part of the Instituto de Segurança Social (Social Security Institute), are currently able to provide first-line information on this subject.

What does NISP stand for?

NISS is a top DCSA priority and has modernized the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Information Environment to provide the USG and Industry stakeholders with a data-driven, collaborative, integrated capability to assess and mitigate risk.

What are the requirements to work in Portugal as a foreigner?

Apart from citizens of the above-mentioned member states, the foreign employee who will be working in Portugal needs a residence permit that is issued through the Foreigners and Border Service (SEF). One copy of this authorization must be delivered to the employer to be kept on file, and another must be given to the employee for their records.

What are the most common non-mandatory benefits in Portugal?

Most common non-mandatory benefits in Portugal. It is common to offer meal vouchers or lunch cards to employees. Meal allowances are tax-free up to €4.77 daily if paid in cash and €7.63 if paid through lunch tickets. Some companies offer monthly transportation allowance to and from work to employees.

What are the working conditions like in Portugal?

Workers in Portugal are entitled to 22 working days of holidays, plus 12 mandatory public holidays and 2 optional ones. All of these days are paid. All workers also receive a Christmas allowance, essentially a 13th month salary that is equal to a month’s age that must be paid by the 15th of December.

What is the Portuguese law on hiring foreign employees?

One of the best points of reference and main sources of Portuguese labor law regarding the hiring of foreign employees is the Portuguese Labor Code. All hiring of foreign or stateless employees is subject to the written law and must abide by the information found in article 5 of the Portuguese Labor Code:

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