Reebok shoes

reebok shoes

What kind of Shoes does Reebok offer for women?

Our women’s classic shoes offer old-school vibes with a modern twist. For a wider range of women’s sneakers that celebrate Reebok’s heritage and those who change the game, check out our classics shoe collection. Also shop our high top sneakers available in a variety of colors and style to match any everyday outfit.

Why Reebok men’s training shoes?

It doesn’t matter if your running your first block or your tenth marathon, Reebok men’s shoes are designed to set the pace for every day action. Our men’s training shoes come in a wide range of colors and styles and are built to handle an even wider range of lifting and speed drills.

What does Reebok stand for?

Reebok ( /ˈriːbɒk/) is an English footwear and apparel company, and a subsidiary of German sporting goods giant Adidas since 2005. Reebok produces and distributes fitness, running and CrossFit sportswear including clothing and footwear. It is the official footwear and apparel sponsor for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC),...

What are Reebok Zig shoes?

In 2010 the brand released Reebok Zig, an athletic footwear technology and collection of shoes include zigzag foam soles designed to push athletes forward. The Reebok Nano was released in 2011 and is the first official CrossFit shoe.

Why choose Reebok women’s running shoes?

After all, you can’t catch that runner’s high that helps relieve stress with subpar running shoes. The right pair of running sneakers sets you apart from the start and takes you far past the finish line. Reebok’s women’s running shoes hone in on technology, comfort and style, so you can minimize distractions and maximize results.

What are the best running shoes for women?

No matter your destination, take on every mile in stride with Reebok’s running shoes for women. Check out the award-winning Floatride, Reebok’s best, high-performance running sneakers, made for long distances. Prefer a short sprint?

How much does Reebok cost?

Free for Reebok UNLOCKED members and on orders $75+. It doesn’t matter if you’re hopping on the treadmill or taking a scenic route out on a path of your choosing. Either way, you need a great pair of running sneakers.

What kind of shoes should a woman wear?

There is nothing better than wearing a pair of womens comfortable shoes. Slip ‘em on, lace ‘em up and go. If you’re on your feet all day, you need comfortable shoes, and sneakers are always the go-to option. Reebok’s womens casual shoes are designed with technology for lightweight support and cushioning with every step—heel to toe.

What is the meaning of the Reebok logo?

Reebok started its logo with the Union Jack symbol and later added the red and blue vector it is most known for before switching to the logotype font symbol in 2008. The “I am what I am” campaign began in 2014 and used celebrities in Reebok advertisements to encourage young customers to discover who they really are and to celebrate that identity.

Who is the CEO of the Reebok brand division?

^ Harrington named CEO of Reebok Brand division. Boston Business Journal. January 10, 2006. Retrieved March 3, 2015. ^ Julie Cruz (May 29, 2013). Adidas to Make CrossFit Delta Logo Symbol for Reebok Fitness.

When did Reebok start using the Union Jack?

In 1958, Reebok was established as a companion company to J.W. Foster and Sons, founded in 1895 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. From 1958 until 1986, Reebok apparel featured a Union Jack. They still use the Union Jack in many of their classics.

Where is Reebok located in the world?

The company also has additional regional offices located in Panama City (Reebok Latin America), Shanghai (Reebok Shanghai International Commerce Centre), Singapore, Taikoo Shing, and Toronto. Reebok first entered the South Korean market in 1987 and has since been making substantial revenue in South Korea.

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