Cnn russia ukraine

cnn russia ukraine

Where are CNN’s senior international correspondents covering the Ukrainian crisis?

CNN’s Senior International Correspondents Sam Kiley and Fred Pleitgen are in Kyiv covering the latest developments from the Ukrainian capital. CNN’s Senior International Correspondent Ivan Watson is in Dnipro.

Whats behind Ukraines long-range strikes against Russia?

Ukraines campaign to attack Russian supply lines and ammunition storage sites far behind the front lines continued this weekend, with Ukrainian officials reporting another long-range strike against Russian military positions in the southern region of Kherson.

What is happening in the Ukraine war?

Ukrainian officials have not commented on the video, but over the past few weeks the Ukrainian military has stepped up missile and rocket attacks against Russian supply and ammunition stores far behind the front lines, using newly received long-range western weapons.

Did Russian Soldiers Cry under the rubble of a Ukrainian city?

Eyewitnesses report the cries of Russians under the rubble. The occupiers shoot in the air when someone tries to get closer, Khlan said. He told Ukrainian television: Thanks to modern Western weapons, Russian air defenses cannot intercept artillery.

Who are CNN’s CNN anchors in Ukraine?

CNN’s international security editor Nick Paton Walsh was in Kherson and senior national security correspondent Alex Marquardt was in Mariupol. In addition, anchors Erin Burnett, Michael Holmes and chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto all anchored from Lviv, while other reporters were in Moscow and along the Poland-Ukraine border.

Why isnt CNN covering the Ukrainian border crisis well?

New York (CNN) Covering whats really happening on the Ukrainian border is being made even more difficult because of the constant flow of unverified or potentially misleading information, said Clarissa Ward, CNNs chief international correspondent.

Who is at the heart of the Ukraine crisis?

Ukraine is clearly at the heart of the story, but there is almost no discussion whatsoever about what the Ukrainians themselves actually want. Instead, it is Russian President Vladimir Putin who has certainly received widespread coverage, too often without correction of his lies, particularly on right wing media in the U.S.

Which TV news channels are covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

Here is more notable TV coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine … Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst had to pause his report to put on a helmet as Russian jets launched an air assault on a Ukrainian airport. Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin. (Courtesy: Fox News)

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