Shopping in porto

shopping in porto

When to go shopping in Porto?

Street shops usually run from 10am to 7pm, unlike shopping centers, which run from 10am to midnight. Sunday is the only day of the week when we do not advise to go shopping in Porto, as in general the street shops are closed, except during the Holidays. .

What is the most fashionable street in Porto?

Rua de Santa Catarina is the most fashionable street in Porto, with dozens of stores up and down the street. We must warn you, though, that unlike Lisbon, Porto does not have luxury brand stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Burberry. Rua de Santa Catarina does have the most well-known stores including:

What to do in Porto?

As it is located in downtown Porto , you can visit the Porto Misericórdia Museum or the church of São Bento da Vitória after an afternoon doing some shopping in Porto. .

What are the supermarkets in Portugal like?

GENERAL/CHAIN SUPERMARKETS IN PORTO These are in Porto (or Portugal) what Tesco and Sainsbury’s are in London or the UK. They offer a good variety of popular, local name-brand products at affordable or low prices. Some of these stores may be very small compared to what you’re used to (especially if you come from the USA!).

Are all the shopping centres open in Porto?

Yes, all the shopping centres are open every day of the week and often very late. Some shops on the main streets will be closed on Sundays (and public holidays) but are open on Saturday mornings. So, if you are thinking about shopping in Porto we can tell you that you will find great deals on major brands in all the places I suggested.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Porto?

Now, regarding the price of the hotels, you can see you the graphic that the prices of the hotels in Porto are above 100€ / night for a double bedroom between April and October. Then the lower season comes, between November and February, but clearly January and February are the cheapest months to travel to Porto.

What to buy in Porto Portugal?

The Portuguese vinho verde (green wine) is another great buy too. The main shopping street in Porto is the Rua de Santa Catarina in the city centre. Here, visitors will find a wealth of clothes and shoe shops as well as stores offering a variety of design items and all kinds of trendy accessories.

What to do in Porto for a weekend?

Clérigos Market is a regular flea market that plays host to all kinds of antiques and quirky one-off items. You’ll find lots of variety here, from vintage clothes and accessories to children’s toys and handbags. If you’re looking to pick up a unique souvenir of your stay in Porto, this may well be fertile ground to begin your search.

What are the best places to visit in Porto?

Built in 1763 by Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni, the Clérigos Tower offers a panoramic view of the historical center of Porto. At 75 meters high, visitors can climb 225 steps to the top of the tower which is worth the workout.

What to do in Oporto?

Estadio do Dragao This is the home of FC Porto - One of Portugals most successful football club of recent years. 6. Mercado Bom Sucesso Iconic space of Oporto´s architecture, now modernized and changed from a popular fresh vegetables and fish market to a… 7. Torre dos Clérigos The tower is in the middle of Porto’s historic centre. 8.

How to spend a weekend in Porto?

Here are some suggestions of how you could spend a weekend in Porto. The Instagram famous Azulejo tiles on the church walls of Capela das Almas © Adrienne Pitts / Lonely Planet After arriving down in Porto, head towards the river.

What is there to do in Portugal?

The bridge and the area around represents 900 years of Portuguese history. 2. Cais da Ribeira Many offerings of restaurants, entertainment, boating and the entryway to the Wine tasting across the bridge. 3. Douro River

What Supermarkets are in Portugal? 1 Continente (700 Stores) 2 Minipreco (620 Stores) 3 Pingo Doce (450 Stores) 4 Lidl (255 Stores) 5 Intermarche (200 Stores) 6 Spar (130 stores) 7 Aldi (73 stores) 8 Apolonia (3 Stores) More ...

Why go shopping in Portugal?

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