Fenix iscte

fenix iscte

How to access the Fénix platform?

The Fénix platform allows certified users – students, faculty, staff and candidates – of Iscte to access various services and features. How to access? To access the Phoenix platform: Open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera…) Consult the public information. To access the other portals, click on the “Login Page” tab.

How to import the degóis CV into the Fénix system?

In order for the degóis CV address to be imported into the Fénix system and made available to Ciência-IUL, it is necessary that the e-mail address contained in the DeGóis CV is registered in the Fénix system. The guidelines are introduced in Fénix by the Schools Secretariats of the students’ courses.

How do I login as an ISCTE non-teaching staff?

Scope: Iscte non-teaching staff. Access the tab “ Login Page “. Authenticate using the Iscte account credentials (e.g. xxnes@iscte-iul.pt and the respective password). Choose the option “ Registries ” or the option “ Consultar SAP “, in the section “ Assiduity “, in the left side menu.

How is the Fénix platform organized?

The Fénix platform is organized into portals and features. Competence unit: Name used when a teaching unit is created in the Fénix system, anchored in a scientific area and without also integrating any curriculum of a course. When it is associated with a curriculum of a course it takes the designation of curricular unit.

What is Fenix Rising?

The FENIX App will also allow you to find great new music – find it yourself, or with FENIX RISING let others recommend it for you… The FENIX platform is all about bringing the best new artists to lovers of music like you. And its only going to get better…

Will the Garmin Fenix 8 have more space for maps?

Were reasonably confident that the Fenix 8 will offer more storage than existing Garmin watches, and wed like to see plenty of that space dedicated to maps.

What services can a student access on ISCTE?

This way, a student can access to services whose subscription depends on the access happening at an IP address assigned to Iscte. Among these services, one may find access to the content of many scientific research publications through the service b-on (of FCCN) and various databases.

What is the ISCTE SharePoint platform?

This platform is currently used for all Institutional mail and collaborative work at Iscte and to those ends provides tools such as Sharepoint and Skype for Business. It has a unified global directory with more than 73,000 accounts which serves as the basis for communication and collaborative work between the entire Iscte community.

What are the roles of non-teaching staff in state schools?

State school teachers are supported by non-teaching staff in roles such as teacher aides, administration and facilities management. Non-teaching roles are categorised as either entry level or promotional non-teaching positions. Examples of entry level non-teaching positions in state schools include: cleaners.

How do I find a job as a non-teacher?

You can find entry level vacancies on individual school websites—search the schools directory to find website details. Advertised promotional non-teaching positions for state schools can be found on the Smart Jobs and Careers website.

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