Megane rs

megane rs

What makes the Renault Mégane RS so special?

Design – Renault’s big investment in this generation can be seen in its almost completely bespoke body Where once there was a dizzying array of Mégane RS variants with its two chassis options, two engine outputs and two transmissions, the midlife update has dramatically cut the range to just two models.

How fast can the Mégane RS 280 go?

In most four-wheel-steered passenger cars, this happens at around 30mph; in the Mégane RS 280 – and in ‘race’ mode, remember – you get a counter-steered rear axle all the way up to 62mph. And so the car turns in with amazing alacrity and carries big mid-corner speed effortlessly on a balanced throttle.

How much will the Renault Megane R cost in Europe?

Once the revised model hits the market there, we expect it to demand a starting sticker of around €40,000 in France and €36,000 in Germany. The Japanese go-fast machine has been a long-time rival for the Renault Megane R.S. and things haven’t changed for the current generation.

Why choose the Megane sport?

Equipped with features directly inspired by the world of motorsport, new Megane R.S. shows off its sporty style. Ready? Go! Let technology enhance your performance. Power, agility, flexibility... Climb on board for a unique experience in your new Megane R.S.! Exclusive Renault Sport technologies...

Is the Renault Megane RS Europe’s most popular car?

One of Europe’s most notable representatives of the segment is the Renault Megane RS. The version has enjoyed a substantial fan base, for three generations now, and being co-developed with Renault Williams means it can take some punishment on racetracks.

How much does the Mégane RS Trophy-R cost?

Renault has revealed pricing and specs for the limited-run Mégane RS Trophy-R . Just 32 examples are destined for the UK, starting at £51,140.

How much does a Renault cost in France?

The starting price for one in its native France is €39,600 ($43,800); the second most expensive current Renault is the Koleos SUV, available from €35,250 ($39,000), and the third is the Talisman sedan which can be had from €32,500 ($35,950).

How much horsepower does a megane R have?

Powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder that’s good for 296 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, the Megane R.S. Trophy-R is, hands down, the most hardcore Megane ever created.

What is it? Renault’s Megane dates back all the way to 1995, and the version currently on sale is the fourth generation of the French company’s stalwart family hatchback.

What makes the Hyundai Megane so special?

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