What does MSc mean?

MSC - Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A MSC is a privately-owned container shipping line, founded in 1970, one of the leading global carriers of the world.

Why choose MSC shipping?

MSC delivers a professional, efficient service, tailored to the specific needs of your business. By focusing on delivering best-in-class service to our customers, we are always available to help you with your particular needs and offer you a one-stop-shop solution for your next shipping request. The new is live!

How do I search MSC shipping schedules?

Use our online scheduling system to search MSC shipping schedules - sailing times, vessel names, departure dates, transit time and more. Visit us today! Main Menu Solutions

How many MSc offices are there in the world?

Our global network of more than 500 local offices in 155 countries enables us to be close to you. Please, select your nearest and preferred country and MSC Office. Country Agency Validate

What does MSc mean in cruise?

MSC Cruises. MSC Cruises is the worlds largest privately held cruise company, employing 16,500 people worldwide and having offices in 45 countries as of July 2014. MSC Cruises ( Italian: MSC Crociere S .p.A.) is part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC), the worlds second biggest container shipping operator.

What is the difference between an MSc and a Masters degree?

An MSc degree is simply one form of a Master’s degree. ► Meet top Masters programmes from around the world. How an MSc degree differs from other Master’s degrees There are many different Master’s degree programmes, each with its own name assigned by the university awarding it.

What is MSC certification and why do we need it?

MSC certified seafood is accurately labelled, ensuring that seafood with the blue tick comes from fisheries that are MSC certified as fishing sustainably. Why do we need the MSC label? Overfishing is a grave threat to our oceans and the reason the MSC and our ecolabel exist.

What does the blue MSC label mean?

The blue MSC label is only applied to wild fish or seafood from fisheries that have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a set of requirements for sustainable fishing. Fish and seafood with the blue label comes from a fishery that has been independently assessed on its impacts to wild fish populations and the ecosystems theyre part of.

Why choose MSC? By choosing seafood with the MSC blue fish label youre helping to protect oceans, livelihoods and fish for the future. Why choose MSC?

How bad is MSc customer service?

How do I schedule a shipment with MSC?

To schedule your shipment, that is, deliver your container to MSC for transporting, via the online platform: Follow the tabs to create an order. Here is how to track your shipment on the MSC’s online platform: If your booking number has been correctly imputed, your container and its transit information will be displayed on the screen.

How do I find shipping and sailing schedules?

Find Shipping & Sailing Schedules by Route, Port, Vessel, or Carrier. At SeaRates, we allow you to check shipping schedules by routing, by port, by vessel, or by carrier. This service is accessible on our website, or can be integrated to your system via API or iFrame technology.

How to track an MSC container?

MSC Container Tracking. Our MSC container Tracking allows you to track & trace MSC containers just by one click. In addition to container movements, current location of the vessel will be shown on the world map automaticly. Online, Easy and Professional.

What is the size of MSC ships?

MSC an established fleet of 490 container vessels with an intake capacity of circa 3.1 million TEU. Its global sailing schedules cover 200 routes, calling at 500 ports, to deliver your cargo almost anywhere in the world. MSC operates ships with up to 19,244 TEU capacity, including one of the biggest container vessels, MSC Oscar.

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