What does Cómo mean?

El término como, sin tilde, puede ser un adverbio, «Hazlo como quieras»; una conjunción, «Alberto es tan fuerte como Paco»; y una preposición «Como amigo, no deberías hacer eso». Se escribe con tilde, cómo, cuando es interrogativo o exclamativo: «¿Cómo lo has hecho?» o «¡Cómo hace Paco las tortillas!».

How to get around Lake Como?

You can choose the experience you prefer based on your needs, especially the time and budget you have available. The local public navigation service (Navigazione Laghi) provides several routes that connect all of the most popular towns along Lake Como’s shores, at a convenient price. Discover public tours!

How to get from Como to Bellagio?

For example, you can hop on a hydrofoil from Como at 9 am and get to Bellagio in approx. 45-50 minutes; a cool start of your tour that can also include a lunch in Varenna, where you can get by ferry in 15 minutes. Traveling by car? If so, ferry is a perfect choice.

How to get from Como to Tremezzo?

You can start from Como in the morning and get to Bellagio in the early afternoon, then you can head to Tremezzo and travel back to Como in time for dinner. Hydrofoils provide a fast service, for a slightly higher price. The journey includes fewer stops, although the major destinations are always guaranteed.

What does ¿Cómo mean in Spanish?

¿cómo? - sorry? See the entry for ¿cómo?. See the entry for como. An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired). ¿Cómo hiciste para llegar tan rápido?How did you get here so quickly?

What is the capital of Como?

Como is a city and comune in Lombardy, Italy. It is the administrative capital of the Province of Como.

What does Como (without an accent) mean?

Ive never met anyone like you. Bear in mind that como (without an accent) can also mean I eat (from regular verb comer, to eat .) I never eat vegetables. Want to make sure your Spanish sounds confident?

What is the difference betweenComoandCómo?

Lets look at como vs cómo. Cómo is used in both direct and indirect exclamatory and interrogative sentences, it is generally translated as how. ¿Cómo tomas el té? ¿Con leche y sin azúcar? How do you take your tea? Milk no sugar? No recuerdo cómo tomas el té. ¿Con leche y sin azúcar? I cant remember how you take your tea. Milk no sugar?

How to get from Bellagio to Como without a car?

The best way to get from Bellagio to Como without a car is to bus which takes 52 min and costs €4 - €6. How long does it take to get from Bellagio to Como?

How long is the ferry from Como to Bellagio?

The ferry from Como to Bellagio takes 43 min including transfers and departs every four hours. Where do I catch the Como San Giovanni to Bellagio bus from? Como San Giovanni to Bellagio bus services, operated by ASF Autolinee srl, depart from Como San Giovanni Stazione FS station.

Is there a direct bus from Como Lungo Lario Trieste to Bellagio?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Como Lungo Lario Trieste and arriving at Bellagio Lido. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 1h 4m.

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