Xbox cloud

xbox cloud

Is xCloud worth it?

Is xCloud worthwhile? If you just want to play the latest Xbox games on your smartphone, but dont want to buy a console, xCloud is not worth it. If you already own an Xbox One (or even the Xbox Series X|S), the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is definitely worth buying. You can look at xCloud as just a nice bonus that doesnt have any additional costs.

Can you buy more cloud storage for Xbox?

Your Xbox One will automatically give you access to the cloud as long as you have an Xbox Live account and you are online. Although the Xbox One accounts for the extra space out of the box, the Xbox 360 does require 514MB of free storage to start using the cloud. Is There Cloud Storage for Xbox One?

Is xCloud worse than console streaming?

So in my case is even worst then you. If is connect to US servers, the image quality is so worst and is practically unplayable, but if I use a UK, DE, FR server, the xCloud game quality is much more higher and sharper then console streaming itself, who is in my same room. So, in your case, try to use a VPN and connect to other regions.

How good is the quality of the Xbox cloud?

xCloud simply doesnt have great stream quality. Its decent, but not even close to Stadia, Shadow or GeForce Now. On larger devices, you can really feel the difference.

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