Bob saget cause of death

bob saget cause of death

How did Bob Saget die?

American actor Bob Saget, popular for his role in the series “Full House,” died as a result of head trauma, his family has revealed. Saget (Philadelphia, USA, 1956) died in a hotel in Orlando where he was found dead by the authorities on January 9. “The authorities determined that Bob died of head trauma.

What was in Sagets system when he died?

No alcohol was present in his system, according to the report. However, the report stated, his systems contained Clonazepam/Klonopin which is taken for seizures, panic disorders and anxiety. Additionally, the antidepressant Trazodone was found in Sagets system, the report said.

How did Lori Saget die?

While there has been some speculation regarding the Full House star’s manner of death, a report by a medical examiner following an autopsy said Saget’s death was accidental head trauma.

Did Bob Saget hit his head in a hotel room?

Numerous photos of the Florida hotel room where Bob Saget’s body was discovered in January show details of the luxurious suite where investigators say he suffered a fatal blow to the head. According to TMZ, the padded headboard in the photo above is where authorities believe the 65-year-old comedian hit his head.

Did Bob Saget have a heart attack before death?

For weeks before Bob Saget’s cause of death was officially determined, authorities believed that all signs pointed to a sudden heart attack or stroke, per TMZ.

What was Michael Sagets cause of death?

The official findings echo what was said in a statement released by Sagets family on Wednesday, in which they cited head trauma as his cause of death.

Is Bob Saget still alive?

Bob Saget arrives at a screening of “MacGruber” on Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021, at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Bob Saget — the legendary comedic actor who starred on the ‘90s comedy “Full House” — has died.

What happened to Lou Saget?

On January 9, 2022, Saget was found dead at the age of 65 in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. According to a statement released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at the time, there were no signs of foul play or drug use on the scene.

What did Lori Loughlin say about Bob Saget’s death?

Lori Loughlin is the latest “Full House” cast member to share her love for co-star Bob Saget following news of his sudden death at the age of 65 on Sunday. “Words cannot begin to express how devastated I am,” Loughlin said in a statement to TODAY. “Bob was more than my friend; he was my family. I will miss his kind heart and quick wit.

What was Bob Sagets cause of death?

(CNN) Actor and comedian Bob Saget had Covid-19 but died as a result of blunt head trauma, according to the autopsy report released today by the Orange County Medical Examiners Office.

What happened to Bob Saget from Full House?

Cast members are mourning the death of Bob Saget, third from right. Lori Loughlin — who played Aunt Becky on “Full House” — said she was devastated to learn about the death of co-star Bob Saget. Lori Loughlin, who was a close friend to Saget, said it broke her heart to hear of his death.

Does Saget ever cut people she loves from her life?

“I don’t cut people that I love from my life unless they shot me in the eye,” Saget exclusively told Us in December 2019. “No matter what, everyone does something in their life that comes out in the press-no matter what we do. I just love her and I’ll always love her.”

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