Yakuza menu

yakuza menu

What makes Yakuza by Olivier so special?

Yakuza by Olivier restaurants present exclusive creations that surprise with the best fusion between East and West has to offer. The highlights from the menu are, the Kobe Gunkan, with Wagyu, foie gras, confit onion and Teriyaki, or the Kyuri Maki, with salmon, tuna, anchovies and shrimp in sweet cucumber leaves.

What are the different Yakuza concepts?

Currently and beyond the Yakuza concept, the group has five more concepts: Guilty, K.O.B., Savage, Seen e Clássico.

What is there to eat in Tokyo?

From Sushi to Sashimi, more traditional or re-invented, from makizushi and gunkans to tempura, from pasta to salads, nothing is missing. You can still get lost with the proposals from the robata, the Japanese Grill.

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