Poco x4 gt

poco x4 gt

Should you buy the Poco X4 GT?

Poco is now a go-to brand for keenly priced phones, and the X4 GT’s flagship MediaTek silicon promises to punch well above its weight. Add in a high refresh rate screen, triple-lens camera and big battery, and budget-conscious buyers should absolutely take note.

What is the difference between the Xiaomi Poco M4 pro 5G and Poco X4 Pro?

Xiaomi makes a step-down model, too: the Poco M4 Pro 5G. It comes with a slightly less impressive LCD screen, a MediaTek processor and a different 50MP primary camera. The Poco X4 Pro 5G was announced a few months later, in February 2022.

How long does it take to charge the Poco X4 Pro?

On plugging in just seconds before the Poco X4 Pro switches off from low charge, it reaches 30% in 10 minutes, hits 50% charge at the 20-minute mark, and reaches 70% after 30 minutes. Great stuff. However, it slows down significantly thereafter.

How is the battery life on the Poco X4 Pro?

Coming back to the good stuff, the Poco X4 Pro is a long-lasting phone. For the first few days of testing we kept the handset at the default 60Hz screen mode, and could be left with as much as 45% battery life by bedtime. We’re not particularly light users, so this is a great result.

How fast is the Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro’s fast charging?

Still, the Poco X4 Pro is a trooper. The handset also comes with Xiaomi’s mid-level 67W fast-charging standard. Xiaomi offers speeds up to 120W today, but 67W is still a lot more powerful than anything Samsung or Apple provides. Is it fast?

What is liquidcool technology on the Poco X4 Pro 5G?

Keep your device cool with LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus The POCO X4 Pro 5G features a large LiquidCool copper pipe and multiple layers of graphite sheets for rapid heat dissipation and sustained cooling, allowing the device to run at high-performance for longer.

What is the screen size of Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro?

The Poco X4 Pro has a largely excellent 6.67-inch AMOLED screen. Xiaomi has already established very high standards among budget phones, using Full HD displays even in its fairly cheap models; but the screen here is better than the display of the Poco X3 phones. OLED provides deeper contrast, with peak brightness higher too.

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