Lisbon metro map

lisbon metro map

How long is the Metro in Lisbon?

The initial metro was just 6.5km long and connected Baixa to Jardim Zoológico. During the 1980s a loop of central Lisbon was constructed and in 1995 the network was split into two lines, the Blue Line and the Yellow Line.

What do the grey lines on the Lisbon Metro map mean?

The darker grey lines indicate the connecting train lines that extend to the suburbs. Click here for a larger version of this Lisbon Metro Map. Skip the long lines for taxis or the hassle of navigating public transportation when you arrive at the airport, and go straight to your hotel:

How clean and safe is the Lisbon Metro?

T he four clean, safe, and artful lines of the Lisbon metro (shown on the map above, present at any station) connect downtowns waterfront to the northern districts and the suburbs of Amadora and Odivelas. The first lines opened in 1959 and are still expanding.

How many metro lines are there in isbon?

L isbons metro has four lines (blue, yellow, green, and red), each connecting at different stations, which you may see on the map below. The airport station is on the red line, while downtown and the tourist center are found at the end of the blue and green lines.

How many metro lines are there in Lisbon?

Lisbon Metro. The Lisbon Metro ( Portuguese: Metropolitano de Lisboa) is the metro (subway) system of Lisbon, Portugal. Opened in December 1959, it was the first subway system in Portugal . As of 2017, the four Lisbon metro lines total 44.2 kilometres (27.5 mi) of route and serve 56 stations.

What are the working hours of the Lisbon Metro?

The Lisbon Metro operates every day, including weekends, from 6:30 a.m to 1:00 a.m (time of departure of the last train from the terminal stations of each line).

What is the name of the first Metro in Portugal?

The Lisbon Metro ( Portuguese: Metropolitano de Lisboa) is the rapid transit system in Lisbon, Portugal. Opened in December 1959, it was the first metro system in Portugal . As of 2017

What to do in Lisbon Metro stations?

The most popular or rather busiest stations are the ones where lines connect with another line or the Railway. In addition to a little standing coffee shop found at most Lisbon Metro stations, these stations often have a couple of stores to do a little shopping on the go.

How safe is the Lisbon Metro?

The Lisbon Metro is certainly a good public transport option and the cheapest public transport option too. The stations and train carts are maintained very well and are always clean. They are safe and well lit up. If you feel unsafe while on the Metro, press the help button and security will be waiting to assist at the next stop.

How many metro lines are there in Lisbon?

Lisbon metro guide - updated for 2021! Lisbon metro is inexpensive, safe and often the fastest method to travel around the capital. There are four metro lines, covering a total of 46km of track and served by 55 metro stations.

How do I buy a metro ticket in Lisbon?

Lisbon Metro Tickets. Tickets for the metro are purchased from either from the ticket offices or ticket machines. The ticket offices are always busy at the popular metro station, such as the airport or Rossio, or closed at the quieter metro stations.

What is the best way to travel in Lisbon?

Information: The metro covers the eastern and northern sections of Lisbon, but there are no services to the west. If you want to visit the Belem district, then the tram is the best option. There are two fare zones for Lisbons metro, but all of the main tourist areas and the airport are within zone 1. The 2021 Lisbon metro fare prices are:

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