Nexx sx100r

nexx sx100r

What makes the SX 100 so special?

Thanks to many hours spent in Aerodynamic studies and wind-tunnel tests the SX.100’s special shape allows a relatively lightweight helmet, with a sporty design that optimizes both stability and soundproofing at high speed. The 3D formed interiors are fully removable and washable, anti-sweat and anti-allergic.

Is the Nexx helmets X-COM system available on The SX100?

SX.100 is by default equipped to accommodate the NEXX Helmets X-COM System developed in cooperation with the renowned Bluetooth specialist SENA.

How much does The Nexx SX cost?

The full-face Nexx SX.100 costs £129.99 for plain colours, with a fluoro yellow at £139.99 and graphics priced at £159.99. BikeSocial Test Team member Richard Niven has been using one while exploring the Scottish Highlands and beyond on his Honda Transalp 700 and NC750…

Why wont the strap on my SX100 stay closed?

The SX.100 has a micrometric ratchet fastener, which is easy to use even with gloves on. I did find that if pulled fully open, the clip that holds the strap in place can jam open, stopping it from holding the strap closed. This is a warranty issue though, so if it was to be something you experienced, it should be brought up with the dealer.

Is the Canon PowerShot SX100 is worth the money?

All in all however, the SX100 IS is an impressive camera for the money, even if its weight and bulk will mean it gets used less often than it should. For a relatively modest price the Canon PowerShot SX100 IS offers a good range of features to accommodate both novice and more experienced photographers.

How many megapixels is The SX100 is?

The SX100 IS comes with a 8.0MP sensor, a 10x zoom, optical image stabilization and a comprehensive range of manual photographic controls, all nicely wrapped up in a compact silver or black plastic body.

Is the SX100 is available in the UK?

The SX100 IS was launched in September at a recommended price of £299 exclusively through Dixons in the UK, but is already available in stores for £229. Some online retailers appear to be offering what are presumably imported models for around £200.

How does The SX100 is compare to the Nikon TZ3 and R7?

In fact, it’s probably not entirely fair to compare the SX100 IS with the TZ3 or R7, because it really doesn’t resemble either camera that closely. For a start both of those cameras have fairly sleek, compact metal bodies, while the SX100 IS is made of plastic and is quite a chunky little thing, measuring 108. 7 x 71. 4 x 46.

How much does a Nexx helmet cost?

Date reviewed: July 2018 | Tested by: BikeSocial Test Team | Price: From £129.99 | The full-face Nexx SX.100 costs £129.99 for plain colours, with a fluoro yellow at £139.99 and graphics priced at £159.99.

Is the Nexx SX 100 worth it?

The Nexx SX.100 is a fairly low-priced helmet aimed at the mass market. That means it’s designed to work for as many riders and bikes as possible and isn’t aimed at any group in particular, such as sportsbike riders or tourers. But, for this low price point, the Portugese-made Nexx has some great features.

What is the point of the Nexx exhaust on a helmet?

Nexx claims this helps with the optimum exchange of fresh air with old, stale air which then exits the helmet out of the rear of the helmet via the exhaust vents under the small spoiler. I hope Nexx are right about that and it doesn’t just become a moisture trap!

What kind of material is The Nexx 100 made of?

The Nexx SX.100 comes with a chin curtain and removable breath guard. The comfort lining is made from X-Mart dry fabrics which are sweat-wicking, anti-allergenic and fully removable and washable. The helmet is available in sizes XS-XXL but only made in one shell size.

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