What is BTE in SAP?

BTE - Business Transaction Event. Enhancement type developed for FI (Financial Accounting). SAP Reference IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Business Transaction Events . Customizing can be done via transaction FIBF. Main steps for activating a BTE:

What is the difference between a BTE exit and BTE method?

A BTE exit is called up in the process, meaning that process modules check the events in Customizing for calling up the BTE exits. In the BTE method, function modules are called up in specified events, to which they have been assigned in Customizing.

How to find a BTE (Business transaction events)?

How to find a BTE (Business Transaction Events). 1 Step 1: The first way is to look for a BTE using customising menu. The same process can be used for both types of... 2 Step 2: You can then search for object related BTEs using a specific attribute More ...

How do I find the BTES?

To find a BTE is to use a breakpoint and to execute the business transaction that you’re trying to find the BTEs for. There are two function modules that can be used to find the BTE.

Q- What is the difference between BTE and ATE? A- BTE is a before the event insurance policy and if you have this it is usually in the form of an add-on to your home or motor insurance policy. The BTE provider would pay for the other sides costs if you lose your claim after Court Proceedings have been issued.

What is the difference between BTE and Ric?

How to activate business transaction events (BTE)?

Main steps for activating a BTE: 1 Check OSS note for documentation and explanation 2 Copy sample function module SAMPLE_INTERFACE_ to Customer namespace 3 Make sure the application is active for Business Transaction Events , else maintain table TBE11. 4 Maintain table TBE34 and TBE01 5 Enter code to the BTE function module More ...

How to find BTE event in SAP?

FIBF :?Environment > Click on Info System (P/S). You can run the same report in order to find BTE event in SAP your requirement.

How to find a BTE from a transaction?

For Process BTE use function module PC_FUNCTION_FIND. For Publish and Subscribe BTE use function module BF_FUNCTIONS_READ. Set breakpoints in these two function modules and then execute the transaction where you need to find a BTE. Using the Display Account Transaction code.

What are BTES in SAP and why are they important?

As a consultant, you may be faced with requirements that go beyond the standard scope of SAP. This is where BTEs come into the picture. In this case, BTEs allow you to attach a custom functionality to a certain business transaction event.

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