What is a Captur?

Captur has an unmistakable presence on the road with its athletic SUV design complimented with the iconic two-tone body paint and the C-shaped LED signature lighting. Captur is available with hybrid or plug-in hybrid technology, offering you the choice wherever you are in your journey to electrification.

When did the Renault Captur come out?

Renault Captur Concept A concept car named Renault Captur was unveiled by Renault at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. It was shown with the Renault Samsung badge at the 2012 Busan Motor Show. The Captur is a mini SUV, and it is the second of six concept cars showing Renaults future design directions.

How has the Captur changed over the years?

The real change is in the back, though, where the space between the Captur’s front and rear axles has grown allowing good kneeroom, coupled with good headroom, even for tall adults.

Is Captur available in India?

The Brazilian-made Captur GA is exported throughout Latin America. The car is available in the Indian market since 2017, also badged as Captur. Production and pre orders started in September 2017. It was also offered with a 1.5 L K9K diesel engine until April 2020.

What makes the Renault Captur different from its predecessor?

There are plusher interior plastics, for example, and the Captur has had a slight growth spurt over its predecessor, so theres now more space for passengers and their luggage. Under the bonnet, Renault gives you a choice of petrol engines, with power outputs ranging from 89bhp to 158bhp, and hybrid and plug-in hybrid options.

What is the difference between the 2020 model and Captur?

The 2020 model ... Based on the same platform as the Renault Clio IV, the Captur was the best selling crossover on the European market. It offered more interior room than its smaller brother and a good taste for adventure.

When was the Renault Captur crossover shown at Geneva Motor Show?

Geneva motor show 2011: Renault Captur crossover. Retrieved 15 July 2015. ^ Captur Concept | Concept Cars | Discover Renault | Renault UK. Passion for Life.

Why do people like the Captur so much?

It offered more interior room than its smaller brother and a good taste for adventure. The Captur was proof that a crossover doesnt need to be all-wheel-drive to be successful on the market. It had to be good in city traffic, easy to park, and able to jump over a curb wit...

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