Greve transdev

greve transdev

Is Transdev still part of Transdev?

Transdevs most recent operations were through its joint venture RATP Dev Transdev Asia until Transdev sold its share in October 2020. RATP Dev Transdev Asia (RDTA) is a joint venture between Transdev and RATP Group created in 2009 between Veolia Transport and RATP Dev.

What is Transdev Bus Company?

Transdev. Transdev, formerly Veolia Transdev, is a French-based international private public transport operator, with operations in 20 countries as of June 2018, including its future Czech bus operations starting from December 2018.

What does Transdev Portugal do?

Transdev Portugal operates bus and coach services all around Portugal, and formerly light rail. It was first established in 1997 to tender for the Metro do Porto light rail through the consortium Normetro. The light rail opened in 2002 and was operated by Transdev Portugal until 2010.

What is Transdev doing to support the future of mobility?

As a Group, Transdev believes that innovation is the key to supporting the changes in how people will use mobility in the future.

What is Transdev?

Transdev is an international public transport operator, born of the merger between Transdev and Veolia Transport owned by Caisse des Dépôts and the RETHMANN Group.

Is Transdev Ireland still in business?

Transdev Ireland was renamed from Veolia Transport Ireland in May 2013. In June 2019, Transdev was awarded a new contract to operate and maintain the system for another 6 years, effective 1 December 2019, with an option for a 5-year extension. Transdev Germany operates buses and trains in Germany.

What companies does Transdev own?

In the United Kingdom, Transdev operates Transdev Blazefield, Trident Niven, Black Car Service and holds an 18% shareholding in Nottingham City Transport. Transdev Blazefield is a bus group with operations in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Does Transdev still own Eurolines?

Prior to April 2019, Transdev owned Eurolines who operated coach services around Europe. In July 2015, Eurolines commenced operating 17 coach routes under the Isilines brand to coincide with the deregulation of the French coach market. Eurolines and Isilines were sold to Flixbus in April 2019.

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