What is the EUIPO TMview?

The EUIPO has made available, in cooperation with IP Key Latin America and the Andean Community, the TMview trade mark database but focused in the Anden region and the name: CAN TMview. The Andean Community (CAN) is composed by Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

What is ASEAN TMview?

for related articles on IP in South-East Asia and China ASEAN TMview is the common online trademark information platform of the ASEAN Member States aimed at making ASEAN trademark data widely available and easily accessible to all interested.

What is TeamViewer centralized remote management?

Centralized Remote Monitoring & Management. Seamlessly integrated into the TeamViewer platform for a unified experience, TeamViewer Remote Management enables you to centrally manage, monitor, and protect all your devices and assets.

What is TeamViewer and how does it work?

Whether you’re providing remote support for employees or customers, maintaining or administering remote devices, or remoting in to your desktop, TeamViewer enables you to securely access computers, servers, or mobile devices from another device.

What is the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)?

The EUIPO (the European Union Intellectual Property Office) is the official trade marks and designs registration office of the European Union. Trade marks protected in the entire European Union, European Union trade marks, can also be searched via TMview.

What does EUIPO stand for?

was developed by the Intellectual Property Offices of the ASEAN Member States with the support of the EU-ASEAN Project on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (ECAP III Phase II) administered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

What is the correspondence between TMview trade mark types and offices types?

* Please note that the correspondence between TMview trade mark types and offices types depends of availability of each type in each on the participating offices.

What is the EUIPO’s blockchain platform?

The EUIPO has launched the first ever European blockchain platform to better serve public IP institutions and their clients. TMview and DesignView, the EUIPO’s two flagship search services, now use blockchain to bring super-fast, reliable, and secure delivery of IP rights information.

What is TeamViewer remote management?

TeamViewer Remote Management is completely integrated in your TeamViewer environment – roll out a comprehensive RMM solution with just a few clicks. Create customized TeamViewer Remote Management policies and ensure your clients are equipped with an RMM solution that is completely tailored to their needs.

How do I configure TeamViewer to work with my partner?

In the Remote control tab, in the Control Remote Computer area, select the Remote control option button. 5. Enter your partner’s ID in the Partner ID field. 6. Click the Connect to partner button. The TeamViewer Authentication dialog box will open. 7. Click Advanced. The dialog box displays the advanced settings. 8.

How do I edit the device attributes in TeamViewer?

As a company administrator, you can create individual attributes in the TeamViewer Management Console. You can edit the custom properties in the Management Console as well as in the Computers & Contacts list. Hinweis: Once device attributes have been set, they cannot be deleted. However, you can rename them at any time in the Management Console.

What is teamviewerprinting?

12.7 TeamViewer Printing Using the TeamViewerPrinting function, you can print documents from remote computers directly on a locally accessible printer. This allows you to print documents from remote computers on your own printer without the need to transfer files.

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