Casa do arco

casa do arco

Where are Casas do Arco located?

Offering 3 elegant apartments, Casas do Arco are located in the historical center of Coimbra just a 6-minute walk from the Coimbra University Campus and 1,300 feet from Coimbra-B Train Station. Free WiFi is available throughout the apartments.

Why stay at Casa do Arco?

The brand new Casa do Arco has outstanding design and architectural features, from the common and the dining rooms to a bedroom were the views are breathtaking. Marco and Ana, the hotel owners, are such a lovely and caring hosts. The location is in one of the most emblematic Douro valleys.

What is the Casa do Arco guest villa Douro?

Casa do Arco Guest Villa Douro is a conceptual project of modern architecture, under the responsibility of “Menos é Mais” Office, with Francisco Vieira de Campos Architect signature.

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