What is bzr?

bzr - Bazaar next-generation distributed version control Bazaar (or bzr) is a project of Canonical to develop an open source distributed version control system that is powerful, friendly, and scalable.

How do I use the-R option in bzr?

The -r option can be used to specify what revision or range of revisions to filter against. The various forms are shown below: -rX display revision X -rX.. display revision X and later -r..Y display up to and including revision Y -rX..Y display from X to Y inclusive See ``bzr help revisionspec`` for details on how to specify X and Y.

How to see the status of an ignored file in bzr?

To see ignored files use bzr ignored. For details on the changes to file texts, use bzr diff. Note that --short or -S gives status flags for each item, similar to Subversions status command. To get output similar to svn -q, use bzr status -SV. If no arguments are specified, the status of the entire working directory is shown.

How to rename a bzr tag?

To rename a tag (change the name but keep it on the same revsion), run ``bzr tag new-name -r tag:old-name`` and then ``bzr tag --delete oldname``.

What is the use of bzr?

Bazaar (or bzr) is a project of Canonical to develop an open source distributed version control system that is powerful, friendly, and scalable. Version control means a system that keeps track of previous revisions of software source code or similar information and helps people work on it in teams.

Is bzr send compatible with Bazaar?

It is compatible with Bazaar 0.12 - 0.18. The merge directives created by bzr send may be applied using bzr merge or bzr pull by specifying a file containing a merge directive as the location. bzr send makes extensive use of public locations to map local locations into URLs that can be used by other people.

What is the bzr branch parameter?

This is a parameter, or mini-command, that describes what you want bzr to do -- in this case -- you want to create a local branch of the project, which will pull all of the package source to your local computer. This is the full link that is obtainable from the above Launchpad search described above.

How does bzr decide the base of a project?

By default, bzr will try to merge in all new work from the other branch, automatically determining an appropriate base. If this fails, you may need to give an explicit base.

What files does bzr ignore?

bzr ignore *.class ...but do not ignore special.class: bzr ignore !special.class Ignore .o files under the lib directory: bzr ignore lib/**/*.o Ignore .o files under the lib directory: bzr ignore RE:lib/.*/.o

How do I version a file in bzr?

Therefore simply saying bzr add will version all files that are currently unknown. Adding a file whose parent directory is not versioned will implicitly add the parent, and so on up to the root. This means you should never need to explicitly add a directory, theyll just get added when you add a file in the directory.

How to discard local changes in bzr?

If you want to discard your local changes, you can just do a bzr revert instead of bzr commit after the update. If the trees branch is bound to a master branch, it will also update the branch from the master.

What does bzr log do?

bzr log [FILE...] Show historical log for a branch or subset of a branch. List files in a tree. Perform a three-way merge. Show unmerged/unpulled revisions between two branches. bzr mkdir DIR...

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