Comporta beach club

comporta beach club

What is Comporta beach like?

Portugals Atlantic coast is very exposed to the west and can be very stormy and the sea quite cold but Comporta is sheltered and has a long beach of fine sand, in front of a sand dune complex that is a conservati... Thank you. TripAdvisor has been notified.

Where to eat in Comporta?

Praia da Carvalhal Beach in Comporta is located just outside Carvalhal Village and attracts both local and foreign visitors. The beach is served by two restaurants serving rice, pasta, shellfish, grilled fish, clams, and sweet potato.

Why choose spatia Comporta?

At Spatia Comporta, and at the Spatia Beach Club, space and time are yours to enjoy as you please. No rush, no roaring traffic, just the stillness of the woodlands and the gentle breaking of the waves.

What to do in Comporta Portugal?

Apart from Comporta’s natural beauty, superb gastronomy, a dolphin pod, two hundred bird species and nature reserves. The Beach in Comporta is stunningly beautiful and one of the best beaches in Portugal. Praia da Comporta is the busiest beach in the area, attracting many visitors from Spain, Portugal, and the Capitals of Europe.

Where is Comporta Beach in Portugal?

Comporta beach. An hour south of Lisbon, and 12 miles west of the main A2 highway that directs the sun-seeking crowds to the Algarve, is a stretch of Mr Whippy-white sand where the chances of getting a Mr Whippy are, for two reasons, pretty slim.

What makes this beach house in Comporta so cool?

Casa das Pérgolas (€260/night) is a brand-new beach house, located 5-minutes’ drive from the beaches of Comporta. What makes this house so cool, is that it was designed by the Portuguese architect duo MIMA Housing and was awarded the 2013 Building of the Year Award by ArchDaily and has been featured in several international architecture magazines.

What to see in Comporta?

From verdant green rice fields and dune-backed beaches to the short, scrubby cork trees and umbrella pines lining the sandy roads, Comporta sports an effortless, laidback beauty. As part of the Sado Estuary, Comporta is also home to a diverse group of birdlife, including Kool-Aid colored flamingos, grey herons, and gawky storks.

What makes Comporta so special?

In addition to the Sado Estuary, the low-key vibe of Comporta can be credited to the Espirito Santo family, Portugal’s largest banking lineage, who bought up city-sized swaths of the area in the 1950s for the site of their summer vacations.

Why choose spatia Comporta resort?

Spatia Comporta Resort is a Paradise tucked away on Portugal’s Atlantic coast, where golden beaches stretch out as far as the eye can see, backed by pine woods. The sands run down to a turquoise sea and a view of the Arrábida hills over the bay.

Why stay at Comporta?

Modern architecture that combines clean lines with the region’s traditional building crafts results in a contemporary feel and complete privacy. The hotel’s outstanding standards of service ensure that our guests can relax in comfort, and let Comporta work its magic. Catch your breath and enjoy life’s pleasures.

Where is Comporta?

Comporta enjoys a superb location on Portugal’s Alentejo coast. Unbroken golden sands, woodlands that run down almost to the sea, and the lush green of the hills on the horizon – all this makes it the perfect place to relax.

Whats inside the spatia club?

Located in the main building, which features elements that are characteristic of local architecture, such as the thatched roof and white walls punctured by glazed windows, the Spatia Club houses the hotels common services: the reception, lounge areas, a breakfast, dining and bar area and washrooms.

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