Obsessed with you central cee

obsessed with you central cee

Who does central Ceesobsessed with yousample?

Central Cee samples PinkPantheress on his viral hit single Obsessed With You. Central Cees single Obsessed With You is everywhere right now. After the rapper previewed it on TikTok, the song - with samples London-based singer PinkPantheress - sky-rocketed up the charts and out of peoples speakers.

Why is central Cee now ready to settle down?

For example, one of the implied reasons why Central Cee is now ready to settle down is because, being an experienced street runner and all, he’s dealt with a number of “hos” and “b—hes”. Or viewed differently he’s been in the field long enough to know what he wants, and what he wants is the addressee.

What does central Ceesshot their shotmean?

They shot their shot, she read it / They slid in DM with somethin generic - Central suggests that when people drop into his girls direct messages, she ignores them because shes not interested. Central Cee samples PinkPantheress on his viral hit single Obsessed With You. Picture: Getty

Who is central Cee rapper?

Central Cee is a rapper who, currently at the age of 23, has been on the scene since his late teens. He dropped his first studio album, Wild West, in 2021, a project that has achieved extremely-impressive chart results in his homeland of the UK.

Who is Central Cee? Central Cee is a talented songwriter, singer, and rapper from the UK. He attributes his success to his community, as he is heavily inspired by its rich culture and history. Besides this, his father played an equally important role in shaping his career.

What does central Cee stand for?

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