Lux club lisbon

lux club lisbon

How is the nightlife in Lisbon?

Like all other sectors Lisbon is also not far behind in nightlife scenes. It has got decent amount of Bars, Clubs and bar restaurants to facilitate the boozers and foodies throughout the night. Be sure to still to the following guide regarding the nightlife of Lisbon to enjoy the premium experience of its nightlife.

Where to go out in Lisbon?

In the higher part of the old town of Lisbon, the Galeria Zé Do Bois is a disco born more than 20 years ago as a cultural club and become nowadays a popular venue for alternative youth. In this place music, concerts and dj sets blend with art in a series of original and interesting events. Open Friday and Saturday from 23.45 to 6.00.

Where to go DJing in Lisbon?

Located in the former red-light district of Lisbon along Rua Nova do Carvalho, under some features brick arches, the Musicbox is one of the most famous clubs in the Portuguese capital, featuring dj sets and live concerts of alternative.

What are the best gay clubs in Lisbon?

The Trumps is the most popular gay club of Lisbon, highly regarded for his wide variety of events and evenings with music and rhythms pop-centric House, played in two different ballrooms. L ’ admission costs about 10 euros.

What to do in Lisbon at night?

Located in the old quarter of the city, the Bairro Alto represents the center of the Lisbon nightlife and consists of a maze of narrow streets dotted with a large number of clubs of all kinds, among typical restaurants, pub, trendy cocktail bars and disco with loud music until late at night.

What is Lisbon famous for?

Considered best all over the Europe, Lisbon is well known for its nightlife. The Bairro Alto district and surrounding area are considered one of the two biggest hot spots for nightlife in Lisbon, with more than 100 bars and restaurants in a small neighborhood.

What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Lisbon?

The Bairro Alto district and surrounding area are considered one of the two biggest hot spots for nightlife in Lisbon, with more than 100 bars and restaurants in a small neighborhood.

Where are the nightclubs in Lisbon?

Nightclubs are mainly located in three districts: Alcântara (on the docks and in the area), Cais do Sodré (around Nova do Carvalho Street and on the docks) and Santos (on the docks and in the district around Avenida 24 de Julho).

An unusual place to visit is the Núcleo Arqueológico, an archaeological museum constructed around ancient ruins found in the city. What are some great places to visit in Lisbon for free?

Is Lisbon a good place for a city break?

Who is the best techno DJ in Lisbon?

Luckily, Van Der, a local techno DJ, is on hand to guide us through the best that Lisbon has to offer. Van Der started DJing techno in 2013 and has been involved in the Lisbon scene ever since. He helped found the Escuro collective in April 2017 with the aim of developing techno in the city.

Where to go out at night in Lisbon?

A district of Lisbon that holds most of its bars and clubs is called , widely known as a bohemian area; the nightlife there is vibrant and always restless. Besides the bars and nightclubs, the district will offer tourists great restaurants, chapels and gardens. Just to list a few, Fragil and Incognito are two of the best clubs in Bairro Alto.

What are the most popular clubs in Lisbon?

It is hard to be in Lisbon and not hear about Lux, one of the largest and most well-established clubs in the city. “One of the owners opened a place called Frágil in Bairro Alto, which brought something new to Lisbon in the 1980s,” Van Der says.

Is Lisbon’s electronic dance scene growing?

“Lisbon as a scene has been growing a lot with Lisboa Electronica [Editor’s Note: this is an Atlas partner] and Lisboa Dance Festival. They started something great, as we didn’t have relevant festivals [before],” Van Der says.

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