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What happened to deep blue?

Today, one of the two racks that made up Deep Blue is held by the National Museum of American History, having previously been displayed in an exhibit about the Information Age, while the other rack was acquired by the Computer History Museum in 1997, and is displayed in the Revolution exhibits Artificial Intelligence and Robotics gallery.

Where did deep blue come from?

Development began in 1985 at Carnegie Mellon University under the name ChipTest. It then moved to IBM, where it was first renamed Deep Thought, then again in 1989 to Deep Blue.

What is deep blue and why is it important?

Deep Blue was a chess-playing computer run on a unique purpose-built IBM supercomputer. It was the first computer to win a game, and the first to win a match, against a reigning world champion under regular time controls. Development began in 1985 at Carnegie Mellon University under the name ChipTest.

Was deep Blue sold to United Airlines?

In 1997, the Chicago Tribune mistakenly reported that Deep Blue had been sold to United Airlines, a confusion based upon its physical resemblance to IBMs mainstream RS6000/SP2 systems.

Why is deep blue so famous?

It is famous for defeating the chess world champion, GM Garry Kasparov, in their 1997 match. Deep Blues victory was viewed as a symbolic testament to the rise of artificial intelligence—a victory for machine versus man. The Deep Blue project (initially called ChipTest) was created by Feng-hsiung Hsu in 1985.

What happened to the band Deep Blue Something?

They eventually signed with the Aezra label and released Deep Blue Something in mid-2001, breaking up shortly after. The band regrouped with all members at the end of 2014 and signed to John Kirtlands independent label, Kirtland Records .

How has deep blue changed the world of board games?

Since Deep Blues victory, computer scientists have developed software for other complex board games with competitive communities. AlphaGo defeated top Go players in the 2010s.

Who is the author of behind Deep Blue?

Hsu, Feng-hsiung (2004) [2002]. Behind Deep Blue: Building the Computer that Defeated the World Chess Champion (revised ed.). Princeton University Press. ISBN 978-0-691-11818-5.

What does deep blue mean?

What Does Deep Blue Mean? What Does Deep Blue Mean? Deep Blue was a supercomputer developed by IBM specifically for playing chess and was best known for being the first artificial intelligence construct to ever win a chess match against a reigning world champion, Grandmaster Garry Kasparov, under regular time controls.

What is deep blue essential oil?

Since the creation of Deep Blue, the blend and its offspring products have been a favorite among doTERRA customers due to Deep Blue’s powerful and effective nature. The Deep Blue essential oil blend can be applied topically to provide a soothing and cooling sensation that is perfect for a comforting massage.

What makes deep blue so powerful?

Deep Blue used custom VLSI chips to parallelize the alpha-beta search algorithm, an example of GOFAI (Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence). The system derived its playing strength mainly from brute force computing power.

What are the benefits of deep blue for massage therapy?

These properties can offer comfort before and after exercise and are ideal for massages. Use Deep Blue oil topically to obtain these soothing and cooling benefits. Deep Blue is a perfect companion for a massage. Give your body a relaxing break and get a massage using Deep Blue Soothing Blend.

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