Nissan juke nismo

nissan juke nismo

What is the Nissan Juke?

The Nissan JUKE is one of several Nissan models decked out in high-performance NISMO trims highlighting Nissans ties to motorsports.

What are the different trim levels of the Nissan Juke?

Five trim levels are indicated for the HR16DE, K9K and MR16DDT engines: Visia, Acenta (also available with Sport and Premium packs),Tekna, Nismo, and Nismo RS. In 2012 Nissan replaced the limited edition Juke Kuru with the Juke Shiro model.

What are the key features of the Juke NISMO RS?

JUKE NISMO AND NISMO RS KEY FEATURES: 1 Added horsepower - JUKE NISMO 188 HP JUKE NISMO RS 215 HP 2 Additional torque- JUKE NISMO 177 lb-ft JUKE NISMO RS 210 lb-ft 3 NISMO-tuned suspension 4 An aerodynamic body kit 5 18 Aluminum-alloy wheels 6 Race inspired seats in the NISMO RC More ...

What is the color of the 2017 Nissan Juke?

2017 Nissan JUKE crossover in Gun Metallic with orange exterior accessories. The Nissan JUKE is known for stylish looks, available AWD capabilities and sporty performance at a great starting price.

What kind of car is a juke?

The Nissan Juke (Japanese: 日産ジューク) is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan since 2010.

When did the Nissan Juke come out?

In March 2010, at the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan showed its newest creation, the Juke. The small crossover vehicle shocked with its unusual design but featured some fresh ideas for the market. While the market started to look more and more for vehicles on stilts, Nissan imagined and launched a car that gathered attention to it.

How many miles per gallon does a Nissan Juke get?

The Nissan Juke features a 4-cylinder, 1.6-liter engine, and it has a combined mileage of 29 miles per gallon. It has a fuel tank capacity of 13-gallons and an automatic transmission. This car has Bluetooth, cruise control, a hands-free phone, keyless entry, voice recognition, a CD player, and more.

What are the key features of a Nissan Juke?

Nissan JUKE Key Features. INTERIOR. With its motorcycle-inspired center console and motorsport-style gauges, the JUKE revels in its unique style. Offering available two-tone roof panels, the all-new Kicks will take the JUKEs place as a dynamic, capable multi-activity vehicle with attitude.

What is the Nissan Juke NISMO RS?

It’s now also officially known as the NISMO RS. The standard Nissan Juke has always been a bit of a ‘Marmite’ car from the design perspective, and the NISMO RS model is likely to harden your views whether you love it or hate it.

What is inside the Nissan Juke interior like?

Nissan has approached the Juke’s interior in a similar way, placing the focus firmly on the driver. There’s an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and suede sports seats, all with racy contrasting red stitching.

Why is the Nissan Juke so popular?

The Nissan Juke was made by – and for – people with a healthy disdain for convention. Five years after its launch and following a significant facelift, this car remains the most daring and esoteric in the class that it founded. That’s no small achievement.

How does the Nissan Juke compare to the Halo GT-R?

Engine, transmission and 0-60 time. Whereas the halo GT-R boasts close to 600bhp, the Juke makes do with 215bhp (up 18bhp on the outgoing Juke Nismo). The engine is a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder turbo, which feeds the front wheels via a six-speed manual and a limited-slip diff. Nissan claims that the 0-60mph run takes exactly seven seconds.

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