Azores airlines

azores airlines

What kind of planes do Azores Airlines fly?

Azores Airlines Airbus A310-300 in former SATA Internacional livery. Azores Airlines operates scheduled flights to the Madeira Islands, mainland Portugal and other destinations in Europe and North America, as well as charter flights. Domestic destinations are covered by its parent company, SATA Air Açores.

How do I get more information about my Azores flights?

If you are a passenger of these flights and want more information, please contact our Contact Center at 296 209 720, between 08:00am and 08:00pm (Azores local time). In order to improve our online services, we inform you that our website is under maintenance.

How do I check in on SATA Azores Airlines?

There is more than one way to check in on SATA Azores Airlines flights. Besides online check-in, using your computer or mobile phone, you can check-in at the counters or kiosks available at the airports. Discover here the conditions of these services. Learn also how early you should arrive at the airports to ensure a smooth check-in and your ...

Does Corvo have an airport in the Azores?

Every Azores island has an airport including Corvo. Daily connections are maintained by SATA Air Azores. 2007 - 2018 @ COPYRIGHT AZORESAIRLINES.COM

Which airlines fly in the Azores?

Azores Airlines is a small airline based in the main capital of the Azores, Ponta Delgada. They historically had an ageing fleet of 737’s and A310’s, but in the past year the airline has gone through a huge facelift. They now operate two brand new A321neo’s and three Airbus A320’s, and will have four Airbus A321LR’s delivered during 2019.

How do I get to the Azores?

Now that you have made it to the Azores, it is time to explore the islands a bit more. There is only one airline that actually flies between the Azorean islands – SATA which is part of Azores Airlines. When looking for flights I would recommend going directly to the Azores Airlines website and start your search from there.

How many passengers can a SATA/Azores Airlines plane hold?

» SATA / Azores Airlines has smaller planes to fly between islands– one that can hold 37 passengers and another that can hold 80 passengers. Due to the small size of the planes, some flights are open seating and you will not be able to choose a seat beforehand.

How many Airbus A321neos does Azores Airlines have?

They now operate two brand new A321neo’s and three Airbus A320’s, and will have four Airbus A321LR’s delivered during 2019. Azores Airlines A321neo – Who would scan this QR code?

How do I check-in for SATA Air Açores flights?

In addition to check-in counters at the airport, SATA Air Açores offers passengers two options for self-check-in for Sata Air Açores and Azores Airlines (formerly SATA International) flights: Web & Mobile Check-in. Kiosk Check-in.

How do I check in for an Azores Airlines Flight?

Passengers can check in using a kiosk: From 2 days up to 1 hour before departure for Azores Airlines (formerly SATA International) flights. From 2 days up to 30 minutes before departure for SATA Air Açores flights. Passengers can check in, choose their seat and, in some cases, print their boarding pass.

What is the SATA Azores Airlines mobile app?

The new SATA Azores Airlines mobile app has just taken off and aims to provide you with the best travel experience, whenever you choose to fly with us! Make the most of our services and manage your trip anytime and anywhere: Access your SATA IMAGINE account and use miles to buy flights

Does Azores Airlines (S4) have online web check-in?

Does Azores Airlines (S4) have online web check-in? Yes, you may check-in for your Azores Airlines (S4) flight online starting 48 hours and ending 75 minutes before the scheduled departure time, depending on departure city and destination.

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