Radio times tv listing

radio times tv listing

What is the Radio Times?

The Radio Times website was launched in 1997 primarily as a listings service. In 2011, it relaunched offering a diverse editorial product to accompany its listings and television, radio and film recommendations.

When did the Radio Times become a listings magazine?

On 1 March 1991, the monopoly on listings magazines ended and the market was opened up. Before this, there were two magazines on the market: Radio Times, began in 1923, for BBC listings and TV Times, began in 1955, for ITV and, from 1982, Channel 4 listings.

What is TVTV listing?

TV listings (television listings, also sometimes called a TV guide or program/programme guide) are a printed or electronic timetable of television programs.

Is there a Radio Times edition in the Channel Islands?

There is no edition of Radio Times in the Channel Islands as their listing schedules were contained within the South West region, but Channel TV published its own listings magazine, the CTV Times (formerly Channel Viewer) until 25 October 1991.

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