Frederic remington

frederic remington

Who is Frederick Remington?

... (Show more) Frederic Remington, in full Frederic Sackrider Remington, (born October 4, 1861, Canton, New York, U.S.—died December 26, 1909, near Ridgefield, Connecticut), American painter, illustrator, and sculptor noted for his realistic portrayals of life in the American West.

What did Frederic Sackrider Remington do?

Frederic Sackrider Remington. Frederic Sackrider Remington (October 4, 1861 - December 26, 1909) was an American painter, illustrator, sculptor, and writer who specialized in depictions of the Old American West, specifically concentrating on the last quarter of the 19th century American West and images of cowboys, American Indians, and the U.S.

What are the best books about Frederic Remington?

The Life and Work of Frederic Remington. Heinemann Library, 2000. Includes a biography, timeline, photographs, and drawings and paintings by the artist. Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth. Frederic Remington. New York, Chicago: Franklin Watts, 1994. Biography for children. Some photographs of art.

How did Frederic Remington define the American West?

The art of Frederic Remington defined the American West during his lifetime and played a major role in creating the popular image of the West that persists today. In both painting and sculpture, he portrayed the action and drama of the West.

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