Phil anselmo

phil anselmo

What is Phil Anselmo famous for?

Philip Hansen Anselmo (born June 30, 1968) is an American heavy metal musician best known as the vocalist for Pantera, Down, and Superjoint Ritual, amongst other musical projects. He is the owner of Housecore Records .

How old is Phil Anselmo from Pantera?

Philip Hansen Anselmo (born June 30, 1968) is an American heavy metal musician who is best known as the lead vocalist for Pantera, Down, and Superjoint Ritual. He is also the owner of Housecore Records and has been involved with several other bands.

What did Anselmos father do?

Anselmos father, Phil, owned and operated a restaurant in Metairie called Anselmos, which closed following Hurricane Katrina due to financial troubles. Anselmo has said in various interviews that he was very quiet and secluded as a child. He spent some time working on fishing boats as a young man.

How did Philip Anselmo die?

On July 13, 1996, Anselmo went into cardiac arrest due to a heroin overdose after a show at the Coca-Cola Starplex in Dallas, Texas. Paramedics revived him, and four days later, he issued a press release stating, I, Philip H. Anselmo [...] injected a lethal dose of heroin into my arm, and died for four to five minutes.

How old is Phil Anselmo?

Phil Anselmo was born on the 30th of June, 1968. He is famous for being a Metal Singer. He was in Pantera with Dimebag Darrell. Phil Anselmo’s age is 53. Singer for the heavy metal band Pantera and for the Louisiana-based band Down. He owns Housecore Records. The 53-year-old metal singer was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

What is Panteras Phil Anselmo famous for?

In Anselmos time, Pantera became known as the pioneer of groove metal, thrashing crowds with a heavy dose of aggressive rock and smart lyrics. The band secured its place as a metal legend, one that transcends generations and a big part of the genres history. And a big part of Pantera is Phil Anselmo.

Who is Philip Hansen Anselmo?

The full name of this Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer is Philip Hansen Anselmo. The nickname is Phil Anselmo. Basically He is American. The name of his home town is New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Let scroll the below table. Do you have any idea about Philip Hansen Anselmo age?

What movies and TV shows has Anselmo been in?

Anselmo can be heard in the Jim Van Bebber film The Manson Family as the voice of Satan. The film soundtrack also contains music from several of Anselmos bands. Anselmo appears in the YouTube comedy series Metal Grasshopper with comedian Dave Hill, in which he instructs Hill on how to be metal.

What was Anselmos childhood like?

Anselmos childhood isnt a popular topic of conversation, in part because the times he talks about it are few and far between. One element seems to be consistent throughout his past: It was dark. The Pantera frontman was raised by his mother and aunt during the Vietnam War. His father was around, but Dad didnt live with them.

What nationality is Phil Anselmo?

Phil Anselmo. Anselmo was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is of Danish, Italian and French heritage. He attended many schools across Louisiana and Texas, the last of which was Grace King High School located in the suburb of Metairie. Anselmos father, Phil, owned and operated a restaurant in Metairie called Anselmos,...

Was Phil Anselmo molested as a child?

For The Kid, as Anselmo calls himself, theres been more to his life than his voice and his fame. Well start our exploration of the untold aspects of Phil Anselmo off with a particularly difficult fact: Anselmo was molested as a child.

What does Anselmo do now?

Anselmo has an interest in the sport of boxing. He owns hundreds of fight DVDs and used to take a boxing trainer on tour with him. He has written articles as a columnist for the Boxing Insider website.

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