Tst setúbal

tst setúbal

What is TST Setubal?

TST operates in Setubal’s Peninsula, servicing over 1 million inhabitants in the area. Our operating area, with 1600Km2, includes and covers the councils of Alcochete, Almada, Barreiro, Moita, Montijo, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra and Setubal, providing transportation services, through urban, suburban and express routes.

Where is Setubal?

Setubal is a station in Portugal with intercity connections to cities in Portugal like e.g. ( Lisbon ). Setubal is a popular holiday destination for tourists from all around the world. Click here to open location in google maps. Setubal, Bus terminal is located about 389 m from the town centre, which is only a 5 minute walk.

What is the port of Setubal famous for?

The Port of Setúbal had a cargo throughput of 6.058 million tons in 2012, making it the 4th busiest port in Portugal, with 7.4% of the cargo throughput in the country. In the 19th century, the area was notable for the production of sea salt. St. Ubes bay salt was exported as far as Australia in the 1830s.

What is the nearest airport to Setubal?

The nearest airport to Setubal, Portugal is the Lisbon (Airport) which is 48.55 km away. The alternative airport when travelling to Setubal is the Faro (Airport) which is 245.81 km away. To have all the information in the palm of your hand download our mobile app for free!

Where is Setubal located?

The city of Setúbal is located on the northern bank of the Sado River estuary, approximately 48 kilometres (30 miles) south of Portugals capital, Lisbon. It is also the seat of the Setúbal District and formerly in the historic Estremadura Province .

What does TST do?

Regular private hire services to companies located on the Peninsula to regularly transport their employees to and from work. TST’s mission is to provide road-based passenger transport services in Setubal’s Peninsula.

What does “TST” mean on credit card statement?

TST on Credit Card Statement: Meaning? If the letters “TST” appear on a credit card statement and are immediately followed by the name of a store or merchant, this is referencing the company called Toast. Toast is the company that processed the payment, and its role in the transaction has to be recorded.

What is the difference between Setubal and Sesimbra bus station?

Sesimbra bus station is much smaller than Setubal and is an open-air bus station with a few bus bays. Sesimbra bus station is located on the main Avenida da Liberdade road, approximately 350m from the beach, (GPS: 38.44580, -9.09983).

Where’s Setúbal in Portugal? Setúbal is located just 32km south of Lisbon and the best part is that it’s only one train ride away too, with trains departing from Roma-Areeiro station in Lisbon (passing by Entrecampos, Sete Rios and Campolide stations) to Setúbal.

Why visit Setúbal?

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