Metro paris map

metro paris map

Where can I find the Paris metro map?

Other Metro maps such as individual line maps can be downloaded directly from (in french). Note that there are no Paris Metro Zones for the Metro system. Paris Metro is one zone. Paris Metro map zones are for RER trains & trams which are subject to fare zones and are often shown on a Paris Metro map.

What is the abbreviation for Paris Métro?

The Paris Métro ( French: Métro de Paris [metʁo də paʁi]; short for Métropolitain [metʁɔpɔlitɛ̃]) is a rapid transit system in the Paris metropolitan area, France. A symbol of the city, it is known for its density within the capitals territorial limits, uniform architecture and unique entrances influenced by Art Nouveau.

How many entrances/exits are there in the Paris Metro?

Stations have multiple entrances/exits, up to ten for the largest underground station, Chatelet Les Halles. Street maps are posted throughout central Paris providing information on the local district (“arrondissement”). These maps can be useful in locating nearby Metro stations.

What is the fare zone of the Paris Metro?

The entire Paris underground is one zone, unlike the Paris RER trains which have zones & different fares per zones traveled. Even though a few Paris Metro stations are actually outside of Paris fare zone 1, a single Paris Metro ticket is still valid for travel from inside zone 1 and ending at a Metro station outside of Paris zone 1.

How do I know where I am on the Paris Metro?

If you need to figure out where you are or where you need to be, it helps to start with a familiar map. The RATP map is the first thing you’ll see when opening the app and it will match all of the maps you see on the metro. Departure Boards. Tap on a Paris Metro stop and you’ll find Departure Boards in the station menu.

Is there an interactive map of the Paris Metro?

Our interactive Paris metro map is designed to make your journeys easier; it is available online and downloadable in PDF format. Île-de-France Mobilités (Paris regional transport authority), RATP and the City of Paris are pleased to announce that the new Paris bus ne...

What are the nicest metro stations in Paris?

– Louvre – Rivoli on Line 1 is one of the nicest metro stations in Paris. As soon as you get off, you’ll see reproductions of famous masterpieces such as sculptures that are on display at the Louvre Museum. – Concorde on Line 12 is another unique and stunning metro station in the Paris metro network.

What is the Paris Metro RATP map?

The RATP map is the first thing you’ll see when opening the app and it will match all of the maps you see on the metro. But of course, Paris Metro is more than just a map…

How many metro stations are there in Paris?

It is one of the densest metro systems in the world, with 244 stations within the 105.4 km 2 (41 sq mi) of the City of Paris. Châtelet–Les Halles, with five Métro and three RER lines, is one of the worlds largest metro stations.

What is line 15 of the Paris Metro?

Line 15, the longest of the new lines, will be a circular line around Paris. Line 17 will run to Charles de Gaulle Airport. The two other lines will serve the suburban area of Paris. Grand Paris Express will have a total span of 200 kilometres (120 mi) and count 68 stations.

How do I know the direction of the Paris Metro?

To understand whether the line is going in the direction you wish to travel, you should refer a Paris Metro map, which are posted near station entrances and on all train platforms. Nearly all train platforms have overhead signs showing the time remaining till the next two trains arrive at the station, denoted in minutes.

How many miles underground is the Metro in Paris?

The Métro is mostly underground (197 km or 122 mi of 214 km or 133 mi). Above-ground sections consist of elevated railway viaducts within Paris (on Lines 1, 2, 5 and 6) and the suburban ends of Lines 1, 5, 8, and 13.

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