Hbo portugal

hbo portugal

Is there an HBO in Portugal?

HBO Portugal is a brand of HBO Nordic, a subsidiary of HBO Europe, which from 2012 offers on-demand fixed subscription services in countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden (HBO Nordic is owned by Home Box Office, Inc, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia, LLC). As in Spain, the service works by subscription from the HBO Portugal website.

What is HBO’s HBO Nordic?

She joined parent company WarnerMedia in 2012 to launch and establish HBO Nordic, HBO’s first streaming service outside of the U.S. Since then, she’s been involved in the move of HBO’s Central European business into streaming, the launch of HBO Espana in 2016, HBO Portugal in 2019 and the strategy for HBO Max in Latin America.

When will the new HBO MAX launch in Europe?

HBO Max will begin its launch in the Nordics and Spain this fall, with plans to rollout in Central & Eastern Europe and Portugal next year. The news was revealed at a Series Mania Forum keynote conversation on Tuesday afternoon.

Is HBO Max available in Latin America?

In June, WarnerMedia lit up its streaming service HBO Max in 39 territories across Latin American and the Caribbean, marking the first international presence for the streaming service.

What are the most viewed shows on HBO Portugal?

A separate Portuguese streaming service, HBO Portugal, was launched in 2019. According to a platform press release, in 2019, Game of Thrones and Chernobyl were the most viewed programs on HBO Portugal.

Is HBO Now available in Spain?

HBO programs were previously broadcast in Spain on pay television service Canal+. In 2016, HBO launched a standalone streaming service called HBO España, which is the Spanish equivalent of HBO Now and HBO Nordic. It also has been replaced by HBO Max simultaneously with Nordics version of the service on 2021.

Does HBO have a European channel?

Simply called HBO Europe, this official HBO channel is, indeed owned and operated by HBO. Covering 15 European countries, HBO Europe is one of the biggest offshoots of the Home Box Office internationally. Their official site should help you get set up if you’re living in Eastern Europe.

Can I watch HBO Max in the UK?

However, due to the lucrative deal already in place with Sky, HBO Max is officially off the table for UK subscribers. However, you can still access HBO Max’s original content, as well as lots more programming from HBO, on Sky Atlantic. Many of the HBO Max original shows are broadcast on Sky Atlantic the same time that they air in the US.

Where can I watch HBO Max in Europe?

WarnerMedias HBO Max streaming service will launch in 15 European countries, including Poland, Portugal and Romania, on March 8, making it available in 61 territories across Europe and the Americas.

Is HBO going to migrate to HBO Max?

Similarly, HBO has been operating different brands (HBO Portugal and HBO Go) in Central and Eastern Europe, too, meaning it’s preparing for another migration to HBO Max.

What is HBO Max’s launch offer?

In Eastern Europe and Portugal, apart from an attractive monthly price, customers signing up during the launch offer will get 33% off from the regular price for life, Johannes Larcher, head of HBO Max International, said in an interview.

How much does HBO cost in Portugal?

The monthly subscription for HBO Portugal was 4.99 euros ($5.59) per month and HBO Max will be priced at 5.99 euros, but existing subscribers and the ones who sign up in March will have to pay 3.99 euros a month.

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