Sigarra feup

sigarra feup

What does the FEUPs logo mean?

The FEUPs logo gives access to SiFEUPs main page. Top Buttons Connects to the english translation of the current page. If theres no translation, the icon looks faded. Gives access to the text version of the pages. If theres no text version, the icon looks faded.

What is FEUP doing on the Internet?

Its presence on the internet seeks to reflect the many realities existing at the heart of FEUP, and to provide essential information to maintain the internal and external links and to deepen relationships, increasing the efficiency and efficacy of our procedure in Education, Research and Innovation.

Why choose FEUP Porto?

We depend on everyone at FEUP, at the University of Porto, and on our partners to offer better service, to generate new knowledge and to have an economic and social impact.

How do I submit my documents to FEUP?

All applications to U.Porto/FEUP must be submitted online. Therefore, unless specifically requested, no documents should be sent to us by post or e-mail. The first step you should take is to contact the International Relations Office of your Home University. Each University has its own internal process to select students for partner institutions.

What is FEUP Porto?

The event is organised by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). This scientific conference is targeted at researchers, doctoral students, and master finalists of all Higher Institutions, national and international.

When can I apply to the FEUP?

The applications for the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP) are open for the academic year 2022/2023.

Why study at FEUP?

FEUP is currently one of Portugal’s oldest and most prestigious teaching and research institutions in engineering and related fields, a reputation that is justified by the wide range of high quality training that FEUP offers in all its degrees.

Why study engineering at the University of Porto?

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto undertakes activities in the realms of education, research, and innovation at international level.

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