Lisbon metro map

lisbon metro map

How many metro lines are there in Lisbon?

Lisbon metro guide - updated for 2021! Lisbon metro is inexpensive, safe and often the fastest method to travel around the capital. There are four metro lines, covering a total of 46km of track and served by 55 metro stations.

What is the best way to get around Lisbon?

The Lisbon Metro is the fastest way to get around the city and a good option if you’re travelling long distances. It is considered to be one of the best-kept and cleanest metros in Europe, comparable to Madrid’s subway system. In Portuguese, the Metro in Lisbon is called “Metropolitano de Lisboa”.

How to travel from Lisbon Airport to city centre?

The metro is the recommended means of travel from Lisbon airport to the city centre, and it should be the preferred means of travel when exploring the city. This guide will provide an overview of the metro network, 2021 fares and a map of Lisbon Metro

Where is the Metro office in Lisboa?

Estrada da Pontinha, s/n 1600-582 Lisboa, Portugal 213 500 115 Institutional contacts for public, international and press entities Customer support centre Customer support and information about the services provided by Metro

How many metro stations are there in Lisbon?

An extension to Portela Airport was opened in September 2013 and connects the red line to the airport, which connects to all other lines. The Lisbon metro network is now served by 55 stations and covers 46 kilometres (25 miles). What are Lisbon’s top 10 sights and activities?

How reliable is the Lisbon Metro?

Lisbon metro can be considered as a reliable, modern and the quickest method available for the people to travel around the capital. It consists of four metro lines, which covers a total distance of 46km. The Lisbon metro covers 55 different metro stations as well. The operating hours of the metro are from 6. 30am to 1. am on the following day.

How to get around in Lisbon?

The Lisbon airport has a metro station with a direct line to the city center. The network of the metro is a great mean to move around the city with ease.

When was the first metro line built in Lisbon?

Lisbon Metro network in July 1995, when the segment between Campo Grande and Rotunda became part of the Yellow Line. Lisbon Metro network in December 1997, when the Rotunda–Rato segment of the Yellow Line was completed. Roma station (Green Line).

How to get from Lisbon Airport to the city?

Taking a Lisbon airport taxi is the most convenient mode of transport. The taxi trip will cost around 25€ and it will take approximately 25 minutes. An alternative less expensive option is the metro. The indirect metro transfer will take around 35 minutes and regular tickets cost only 1.45€.

How to get to the center of Lisbon?

Lisbons metro reaches the airport, so getting to the center of the city is quite easy. The airport is on the red line that reaches Saldanha in the business district in 16 minutes, and downtown in around 25 minutes after connecting to the blue line at São Sebastião or to the green line at Alameda.

How to get from Lisbon Airport to Gare do Oriente?

10 minutes away by Metro and a bit longer by bus, you can get to Gare do Oriente, the main train station in Lisbon, where you can take trains to all parts of the country. You can also get there by taxi, if you find that more convenient. You can always find a taxi at the airport, normally queueing outside the departures and arrivals terminals.

Do I need to book a transfer from Lisbon Airport to Sintra?

For travel outside of the city limits (such as to Sintra, Cascais, Sesimbra or Estoril) it is recommended to pre-book a transfer, as journeys by public transport can be time-consuming and taxis are expensive. This article will focus on travelling from Lisbon airport to the city centre (such as the Chiado, Baixa, Alfama districts).

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