Alfama restaurant

alfama restaurant

Where to eat in Alfama?

Perhaps one of the most well-known seafood spots in Alfama, Restaurante Farol de Santa Luzia lies right in the heart of the neighbourhood on Largo Santa Luzia.

What to do in Alfama in Lisbon?

Whether you’re in the mood to linger over local cuisine to a backdrop of fado music or need a quick bite, here are the best restaurants in this popular area of Lisbon. Between visiting São Jorge Castle and experiencing some of the best views in town, a stroll through the streets of hilly Alfama is a recipe for whetting your appetite.

What is it like to live in Alfama?

Alfama provides numerous narrow,curving streets to explore as you wander through the hills. The walking can be challenging if you have mobility or endurance issues. The tram 28 travels through this neighborhood so it can be enjoyed that way as well.

How far in advance should I book Alfama tours?

We recommend booking Alfama tours ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. See all 362 Alfama tours on Tripadvisor

What to do in Alfama?

Alfama, life in the typical district of central Lisbon. Alfama is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon, full of life and history, is the winner of the neighborhood festivals of St. Anthony of Lisbon 2016 and that celebrate every year in June, is the most typical district of Lisbon.

What is Alfama in Lisbon like?

One of the only districts to be spared from the devastating earthquake of 1755, Alfama is the historic soul of Lisbon and its steep, cobblestoned lanes stand just as they were in medieval times. When the WOW Team visited Lisbon recently, we headed directly to Alfama to explore the heart of Lisbon and to kick off our trip the right way!

How did Alfama become a Moorish city?

It was settled as far back as the Iron Age, and later occupied by the Romans, Visigoths and other Germanic tribes, before becoming the heart of Moorish Lisbon. With the conquest of the city by Portugal’s first king in 1147, the Moors were either killed in the siege or segregated in Mouraria, and Alfama became home to the upper classes.

Is the Recolhimento in Alfama a secret?

It remains a secret, despite offering one of the best panoramic views of Alfama. The gate closes at 7pm, but this is a good spot to relax after a visit to the castle, in the shade of olive trees. See the Recolhimento Viewpoint Visitors Guide .

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