Irish passenger locator form

irish passenger locator form

What is the Ireland passenger locator form?

The Ireland Passenger Locator Form is an official document created by the Irish Government to limit as much as possible the spread of COVID-19 within their community. This would require you to declare authentic and accurate information about your planned travel itinerary and contact details, for your trip to Ireland.

How do I submit the passenger locator form?

It’s important to have a confirmed airline ticket in order to submit the online form. Apply now. Once you fill out the form and complete the payment, we’ll forward the Passenger Locator Form to your email inbox so you can have it ready to display on arrival. Dont waste vacation time searching for a COVID-19 test center.

What forms do I need to fill out when travelling to Ireland?

By law, passengers arriving to Ireland from overseas are required to complete this form, with the exception of the following: one form should be completed for each passenger aged 18 or older. Details of children under the age of 18 should be included on a form completed by an adult accompanying them including name, age and proof of medical event

What is the digital passenger locator form DPLF?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a web application for a European Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) was developed to facilitate the use of PLFs during cross-border health threats. This digital format will allow for easier and more rapid data collection and exchange between stakeholders, making contact tracing more effective and efficient.

What is the passenger locator form for Ireland (PLF)?

The Passenger Locator Form for Ireland is an online health declaration form that helps the Republic of Irelands Government minimize the spread of Covid-19. The Irish PLF requires travelers to provide basic personal information, as well as their health-related details.

Is the Irish passenger locator form mandatory for all travelers?

Yes, the Irish Passenger Locator Form is mandatory for all travelers, with very few exceptions. Visitors, residents, and Irish nationals must all complete the online questionnaire before boarding a flight or ferry to the Republic of Ireland. Children must also be included on a form.

How do I get a locator form for Ireland?

here. and works across all devices – mobile, tablet or laptop. This must be completed online in advance of travel and is a requirement for boarding your flight. Once completed, an email confirmation will be sent to the passenger, who must present this to an Immigration Officer at Passport Control.

How do I complete the passenger locator form?

to complete the passenger locator form, you need to provide the mobile number that you will be using while in Ireland. We will text you with a verification code that you can enter to log in and complete the form.

What do I need to travel from UK to Ireland?

Individuals travelling from Great Britain to Ireland via Northern Ireland should also complete a Passenger Locator Form. Passengers will also be asked for proof of vaccination or recovery, or to present evidence of a negative RT-PCR or antigen test taken within 48 or 72 hours prior to arrival in the country (see below).

Do I need a passenger locator form to travel to Ireland?

If you’re travelling to Ireland from Northern Ireland and have not been outside of Northern Ireland or Ireland in the past 14-days, you do not need a Passenger Locator Form, proof of vaccination, recovery or test results upon arrival into Ireland.

What do I need to know about travel advice for Ireland?

It includes up-to-date information on travel advice, public health guidelines, employment rights and social welfare entitlements for Irish people returning to Ireland from abroad. Before travelling, you should read about the public health measures in place and recent changes to COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland.

What are the requirements for immigrating to Ireland?

Immigration requirements, as appropriate, continue to apply to non-Irish and non-British citizens in both jurisdictions. Non-EEA nationals should be in possession of a valid travel document and, if required, an Irish entry visa or transit visa for the State.

What is a digital Passenger Locator Form and how is data used? Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs) are used by public health authorities to facilitate contact tracing in case travellers are exposed to an infectious disease during their travel by airplane or aircraft, ship (cruise/ferry), rail, bus or automobile.

What are passenger locator forms (PLFs)?

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