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What is Hypatia best known for?

Hypatia. Hypatia (born c. 350–370; died 415 AD) was a Hellenistic Neoplatonist philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician, who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, then part of the Eastern Roman Empire. She was a prominent thinker of the Neoplatonic school in Alexandria, where she taught philosophy and astronomy.

What is Hypatias father Theon of Alexandria known for?

Hypatias father Theon of Alexandria is best known for having edited the existing text of Euclids Elements, shown here in a ninth century manuscript. Hypatia was the daughter of the mathematician Theon of Alexandria (c. 335 – c. 405 AD).

Was Hypatia a Christian martyr?

Hypatias death was similar to those of Christian martyrs in Alexandria, who had been dragged through the streets during the Decian persecution in 250. Other aspects of Hypatias life also fit the mold for a Christian martyr, especially her lifelong virginity.

Who is the father of Hypatia?

Theon of Alexandria was one of the most eminent mathematicians and astronomers of late antiquity and the father of Hypatia. His edition of Euclid’s Elements was used by mathematicians for over a thousand years after it supplanted all others, including the original.

What did Hypatia of Alexandria teach?

The Alexandrian school was renowned at the time for its philosophy, and Alexandria was regarded as second only to Athens as the philosophical capital of the Greco-Roman world. Hypatia taught students from all over the Mediterranean. According to Damascius, she lectured on the writings of Plato and Aristotle.

What was Hypatias upbringing like?

Upbringing. Hypatia was the daughter of the mathematician Theon of Alexandria (c. 335 – c. 405 AD). According to classical historian Edward J. Watts, Theon was the head of a school called the Mouseion, which was named in emulation of the Hellenistic Mouseion, whose membership had ceased in the 260s AD.

How did Hypatias death affect the city of Alexandria?

Hypatias death was a turning point in the politics of Alexandria. In the wake of her murder, philosophers, greek and Romans fled the city, and the citys role as the center of learning declined. She was being called a martyr of philosophy.

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