Cervejaria ramiro

cervejaria ramiro

What is the history of Cervejaria Ramiro?

Cervejaria Ramiro was founded on April 7, 1956, by the hand of Mr. Ramiros father as a small pasture house. As the years went by, Mr. Ramiro, having a fundamental role within the business, slowly introduced seafood. This concept aroused great interest, leading to the creation of a brewery/seafood bistro.

What to do in Cervejaria Ramiro?

If you want to do Cervejaria Ramiro right, start out with an aperitivo (locals go for a martini), then dive into the extensive Portuguese wine list. Its heavy on whites—theres a good selection of vinho verde—but don’t overlook the light reds that also pair well with the seafood. There are also plenty of great beers. Now, the food.

How much alcohol is in a Ramiro Lagosta?

Vergonha. Comprei ontem na cervejaria Ramiro uma lagosta que supostamente teria 800gr, e hoje constatei que tem apenas 615gr, mas paguei 800gr. Lamentavel, o Ramiro não precisa disto.

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