What is Oppo?

One of the biggest Chinese phone brands. Audio player loading… Oppo is one of the Chinese phone brands thats currently gaining popularity in the West, with its wide selection of smartphones hitting a broad range of price points to make them appealing to various buyers.

How do I contact Oppo global?

Global (English) Service Center hello@oppo.com Data Subject Rights Platform We use cookies and similar technologies to make this site work properly and to analyse traffic and optimise your browsing experience.

Is the Oppo Find X available in the US?

Oppo sells its devices in the UK, in European countries like Italy, France and Germany, and in Australia. However, it hasn’t sold smartphones in the US for a good few years, though some of its early smartphones got releases there. The Oppo Find X phones follow a yearly release pattern, with unveilings around March.

What makes Oppo Find X a visual revolution?

A visual revolution. OPPO Find X is the world’s first panoramic designed phone, embracing the beauty of nature into a leading technology product. OPPO Find X combines two seamless pieces of glass with the front screen featuring a gorgeous panoramic view.

What is the difference between Oppo and Oppo?

Oppo Electronics Corp. is a Chinese electronic products company, located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. OPPO is a Chinese consumer electronics company. Their main product is smartphones. Their latest flagship offering is OPPO F3 and F3 plus .The flagship killer ONEPLUS is a wholly owned subsidiary of OPPO electronics.

What is the history of Oppo?

The brand name Oppo was registered in China in 2001 and launched in 2004. [1] Since then, the company has expanded to 50 countries. [1] In June 2016, OPPO became the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, [2] selling its phones at more than 200,000 retail outlets. [3]

What are Oppos major product lines?

Its major product lines include smartphones, smart devices, audio devices, power banks, and other electronic products. The brand name Oppo was registered in China in 2001 and launched in 2004. [1] Since then, the company has expanded to 50 countries. [1]

What is Oppo F Series?

Oppo phones are smartphones produced by the Chinese company Oppo, running in several countries. The Oppo F Series are MediaTek or Qualcomm powered selfie-centered devices in which OPPO used their tagline Selfie Expert.

Where can I buy the Oppo Find X5 in the UK?

The Oppo Find X5 is out now and available to buy for £749 and up from the usual retailers in the UK, including Amazon and Carphone Warehouse. You can also buy the phone direct from Oppo. The pricing works out to be about $980 / AU$1,285, though as usual with Oppo phones, the handset isnt going to be available in the US or Australia.

Is the Oppo Find X the best value Android phone on the market?

The processing, graphical, and battery power of the Find X comfortably compete with, and often outdo, phones in a significantly-higher price range, such as the Galaxy Note 9. In fact, if Oppo had opted to drop the screen/camera gimmick for a slight price cut, this would still be a potent contender for the best-value Android phone on the market.

Are there any Oppo phones available in the USA?

No, right now there are no OPPO phones available to buy via carriers in the USA. OPPO has confirmed that the US market is the “most difficult in the world” and is instead focussed on the UK, Japan, and Europe.

Is the Oppo X 2021 rollable?

Infinitely Rollable, Infinite Possibilities The OPPO X 2021 is a rollable concept phone featuring a scroll-like display. Built with an OLED flexible screen that measures as small as 6.7 inches and as large as 7.4 inches, thanks to a dynamic sliding frame, it extends and retracts smoothly with no hard folding involved.

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