Be fit

be fit

What is the meaning of see fit?

see fit (to do something) To consider (doing something) appropriate or desirable. Hopefully the boss sees fit to give us some extra time off for the holidays. Overall, I love having the flexibility to work the hours that I see fit. See also: fit, see

What is sit and be fit?

Sit and Be Fit is a non-profit organization that produces Americas award winning television exercise series, Sit and Be Fit. Each chair exercise program is carefully researched and designed by host Mary Ann Wilson, RN, and a team of physical therapists, doctors, and exercise specialists.

What does se-fit stand for?

About - SE-FIT Surface Evolver – Fluid Interface Tool (SE-FIT®) software is a Windows application that consists of a graphical user interface front end with the Surface Evolver (SE) serving as the computational engine. SE is a unique and powerful tool for computing the shape and stability of equilibrium fluid interfaces.

How do I contact sit and be fit?

Call toll-free: 1 (888) 678-9438. About Sit and Be Fit. Sit and Be Fit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to providing safe, effective, functional fitness exercise programming to all via public television.

What does it mean to see fit to do something?

see fit (to do something) To consider (doing something) appropriate or desirable. to decide to do something. Deem appropriate, as in Hes entitled to divide up his property as he sees fit, or If we see fit to attend, well be there.

What is the synonym of see fit?

Related to see fit: in the first place, loose end, On a par, not to mention, give rise to, pat on the back, rubbing shoulders see fit (to do something) To consider (doing something) appropriate or desirable.

What is the FIT test for bowel cancer?

The main use for the FIT test is to find early bowel cancer. Blood in the stool may be the only symptom of early cancer. If the cancer is detected before it spreads to other areas, there is a greater chance it will be cured. The signs and symptoms of bowel cancer are not always easy to see.

What does a positive fit test mean?

A positive FIT test will tell your doctor that you have bleeding occurring somewhere in your gastrointestinal tract. This blood loss could be due to ulcers, bulges, polyps, inflammatory blowel disease, haemorrhoids (piles), swallowed blood from bleeding gums or nosebleeds, or it could be due to early dowel cancer.

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