Nuno oliveira fernandes

nuno oliveira fernandes

Who is Nuno Oliveira?

Nuno Oliveira (23 June 1925 – 2 February 1989) was a Portuguese equestrian, horse trainer and dressage instructor.

Who is Professor Bruno Fernandes?

Professor Fernandes has a PhD in Management (Finance) from IESE Business School, and a degree in Economics from Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Prior to joining IESE, he was the Dean of Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. In addition, he was, for a decade, Professor of Finance at IMD (Lausanne, Switzerland).

Who is Nuno de Márquez?

Nuno was born in Lisbon on 23 June 1925. He studied riding under Joaquim Goncalves de Miranda, in the style of the riding academy of Versailles. A great teacher, he possessed a near-encyclopedic knowledge of equestrian theory that crossed many styles and countries.

Who is Paulo Fernandes?

At IMD, Professor Fernandes directed the Strategic Finance program, among other customized programs for leading international companies. He was also a member of the Advisory Committee for the World Economic Forum and the Portuguese Diaspora Council, and a Visiting Scholar at Columbia Business School (New York).

Who is Nuno Olio Oliveira?

NUNO OLIVEIRA, by his tireless work, study, and belief in the Classical Principles of the art of training horses provided the link with the Great Masters of the 16th, 17th and 19th century in Europe, and the changing and expanding world of the 20th century.

Is Nuno Oliveiras book in truth?

In truth Nuno Oliveira returns in this beautiful book and his words echo off the pages. This is the great Nuno Oliveira, there is no interpretation or distortion of the words it is truly an accurate account of his teachings, the memories came flooding back as I looked at it.

Who was Bruno Oliveira?

The Portuguese Classical Dressage legend Oliveira was a profoundly religious, aspiring and visionary person, who devoted his life to finding ultimate harmony with the horse. A harmony he always found opportunities to perfect.

Who is Nuno DAmelio?

His teachings have inspired riders and trainers all over the world to adopt the baroque or classical style of working with the horse; an art which goes back hundreds of years and encompasses the fundamentals which most modern disciplines can be traced back to. Nuno was born in Lisbon on 23 June 1925.

Who was Nuño Fernadez?

Nuño was probably the brother of Gonzalo Fernández, who was the count of Burgos and Castile until at least 915. Although records are too scarce to be sure, Nuño probably succeeded his brother in Burgos, but not in Castile, where a count named Fernando was in power in 917.

What is the story of Don Nuño de Montesclaros?

In 16th century Mexico, an Indian and Spanish woman named Luisa is visited by an upper class Spanish conquistador named Don Nuño de Montesclaros (Eduardo Farjado). She falls in love with the man so much so that she leaves her life to start anew with Don Nuño.

How old is Nuno López Muñoz?

José Luis Nuno López Muñoz (born November 11, 1951) is a Puerto Rican politician affiliated with the New Progressive Party (PNP). He was a member of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives for two separate instances (2001-2005, 2009–2017), representing District 1 .

Who is Nuno de Oliveira?

Nuno de Oliveira was born in Lisbon on June 23 rd, 1925. His interest in horses started early when his mother had filled her farm with Arabian horses. Early on he was interested in the education and training of Lusitano horses. The teaching of Maestro Miranda at The Portuguese Royal School provided the basis of his teaching.

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