Salmora vilamoura

salmora vilamoura

What is it like to live in Vilamoura?

Vilamoura is unlike any other Portuguese town; gone is the dilapidated charm, to be replaced with striking perfection, the expectation of the super-rich who frequent the marina. For beaches, Vilamoura cannot be beaten.

What is the Salmora restaurant like?

Quite simply this restaurant is superb, we have a yearly golf weekend and for the last few years have ensure that we visit Salmora. Dont worry about the menu simply ask your host to suggest some items for you and just enjoy the delights they. bring to your table.

When does Vilamoura close for the winter?

Tourist facilities in Vilamoura close-down for the winter at the end of October and fully reopen for Easter. There is a large permanent population in Vilamoura, and this means most restaurants within the marina complex stay open year-round, but during the off-season the town will feel very quiet.

Why book An Algarve golf holiday in Vilamoura?

Vilamoura is one of the best destinations in the Algarve for a golfing holiday and the town is ideal for golfers. There are five golf courses in Vilamoura and include the Victoria (18holes used for the Portugal Masters), the Old Course (18holes Par 73), Pinhal (18holes Par 72), Millennium (18 holes Par 72) and Laguna (18holes Par 72).

What is the weather like in Vilamoura?

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, hot, dry summers and mild winters, much of life happens outdoors. And unlike most of Portugal with its rolling hills, Vilamoura is flat and easily walkable.

Where to stay in Vilamoura?

Marina de Vilamoura – Vilamoura’s Marina is probably the most popular place to stay in Vilamoura, being surrounded by many different hotels and touristic apartments.

Why visit the ruins of two Roman villas in Vilamoura?

The ruins of two Roman villas serve as a reminder of how life once was here, thousands of years ago. Cero da Vila, shows the remains of two houses, baths, a necropolis, dams and stations for salting and drying fish. Located in the middle of Vilamoura the ruins are open to the public.

What makes Vilamoura the largest resort complex in Europe?

Here the Portuguese charm is replaced with manicured perfection that has turned it into one of the largest resort complexes in all of Europe. Vilamoura is home to six golf courses, the largest marina in the country, stunning beaches, and miles of walking and biking trails throughout.

What is the best time of year to visit Vilamoura?

There is a large permanent population in Vilamoura, and this means most restaurants within the marina complex stay open year-round, but during the off-season the town will feel very quiet. The one exception to this is Christmas and New Year, when there is a lively atmosphere. Related articles: When to visit Vilamoura?

What to do around the Vilamoura marina?

Vilamoura Casino is another great attraction within walking distance of the Marina. Open all year round this mid-sized casino offers gambling, live entertainment, restaurants, nightclub, bars and poker tournaments. One of the reasons this destination is so popular is due to the buzzing atmosphere on the marina and the nightlife.

Is Vilamoura where I Belong?

A few years ago the resort’s managing company and owners launched a promotional campaign with the slogan: “I wasn’t born here, but it’s where I belong”. This one sentence really sums up how residents feel about this area. Here is a whole website of reasons to visit Vilamoura at least once and maybe (like us) never leave.

Will Vilamoura sell out in 2021?

As Vilamoura is expecting a sell-out 2021, we strongly advise you to get your flights and accommodation as soon possible before they increase and sell out. Use the map below to discover the best accommodation in Vilamoura, if you adjust the dates to your holiday it will display current prices and availability.

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