Thank you in portuguese

thank you in portuguese

How to say thank you in Portuguese?

9 Ways To Say Thank You In Portuguese 1 Obrigado/ Obrigada 2 Obrigadinho/ Obrigadinha 3 Obrigadão 4 Muito obrigado/obrigada 5 Muitíssimo obrigado/obrigada or Obrigadíssimo/ Obrigadíssima 6 ‘Brigad/ ‘Brigadinh/ ‘Brigadão 7 Agradecido/ Agradecida 8 Deus lhe pague 9 O meu obrigado

How to say “thank you” in Spanish?

This is used to say “thank you” as “I give my thanks to…”. In this case, we use it to put the stress in the thank you, to give it more power. Since it is a noun, it takes the masculine article – o obrigado – and it will not change whether you are a woman or a man, because it is no longer an adjective.

How do you Say “You’re welcome” in Portuguese?

“Youre Welcome” in Portuguese: De nada. So when someone says obrigado or valeu to you, gives you their graças, or tells you that they want to agradecer you, what should your reply be? The most common way to say “youre welcome” is de nada; literally “of nothing”. You can also say por nada. Theres no real difference; de nada is more common.

How do you say “I am obliged” in Portuguese?

Therefore, men say the masculine form “obrigado” and women say the feminine form “obrigada”. With this, they are kind of saying “I am obliged (to say thank you to you)”, much like the old times when people said “Much obliged!” in English. See what I mean? So, to give you an example: Ana would say: João, obrigada pelo livro!/

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