The batman review

the batman review

What is your review of the Batman movie?

The Batman is a gripping, gorgeous, and, at times, genuinely scary psychological crime thriller that gives Bruce Wayne the grounded detective story he deserves. Robert Pattinson is great as a very broken Batman, but it’s Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano who steal the show, with a movingly layered Selina Kyle/Catwoman and a terrifyingly unhinged Riddler.

When does the Batman come out?

Bruce Waynes beautiful nightmare. The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022. Below is a spoiler-free review. “Fear,” Bruce Wayne tells us in a gloomy voiceover early in The Batman, “is a tool.”

Is ‘the Batman’ a superhero movie?

Matt Reeves ’ “The Batman” isn’t a superhero movie. Not really. All the trappings are there: the Batmobile, the rugged suit, the gadgets courtesy of trusty butler Alfred.

Is ‘the Batman’ a movie with a complex mental life?

“The Batman,” directed by Matt Reeves, is a cinematic house populated only by phantoms with no trace of a complex mental life. Photograph courtesy Warner Bros.

What is the ‘the Batman’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes?

“The Batman” currently holds an 86% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 217 reviews. Here’s what critics thought of the film ahead of its Friday theatrical debut:

What is the genre of the Batman?

“The Batman.” For many critics, “The Batman” seems to be a cross between “Saw,” “Seven” and “Zodiac.” It is a film that dabbles in several genres: horror, thriller, noir, but feels constrained by its PG-13 rating.

Is the new Batman The most intelligent film ever?

The new Batman is the most intelligent film ever made from a comic book. Batman is a stunning achievement, especially through the incredible and unique visualization of director Tim Burton.

Is the new Batman one of the best superhero movies?

Other than its prescience as a pop cultural milestone, this wont go down as one of the better superhero movies, nor even one of the best in the Batman cinematic canon. The new Batman is the most intelligent film ever made from a comic book.

Colin Farrell says his screen time as the Penguin in the film is very limited Director Matt Reeves has confirmed that the film wrapped production in mid-March 2021, a year out from its release date. When is The Batman out in cinemas? The Batman is due in US cinemas on March 4, 2022.

What is the release date of the Batman 2021?

With that in mind, let’s highlight The Batman DVD release date. THE HOBBIT: Who did Pasha Lee play? The Batman will arrive on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K on Monday, June 13th 2022. This has already been announced by Warner.

Will there be a ‘Batman’ movie?

Is Batman a real superhero?

Fictional superhero. Batman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939.

Is there a new Batman movie coming?

The Batman is an upcoming American superhero film based on DC Comics featuring the character Batman. Produced by DC Films and 6th & Idaho, and set for distribution by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is a reboot of the Batman film franchise.

Is the Batman a scary movie?

IGN contributor Alex Stedman gave a 10 out of 10 rating, writing, The Batman is a gripping, gorgeous, and at times genuinely scary psychological crime thriller that gives Bruce Wayne the grounded detective story he deserves. [345]

What is the review of Batman and the Batman movie?

Alex Abad-Santos of Vox gave the film a positive review, and wrote the film realizes the character’s greatness in a classic noir detective story and that the film enriches Batman’s legacy, complicating it by trusting its audience to interrogate his heroism and eventually ponder what makes Batman a hero — or if he’s even a hero at all. [352]

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