Marina de cascais restaurantes

marina de cascais restaurantes

Why choose a Marina de Cascais restaurant?

We have the best selection of restaurants just for you. Marina de Cascais is very popular for its terraces, but also for the diverse offer of its restaurants. From traditional Portuguese cuisine to the most varied international cuisines, quality is a factor in common with all of them.

Where to eat cheap food in Cascais?

Some of the most popular restaurants in Cascais for cheap eats include: A Nova Estrela; Terrace Grill; Taberna Economica de Cascais

What is the best sushi in Cascais?

“Best sushi in Cascais!” 1. Creperie Chez ma pomme 2. Gastronomia Italiana “The best limonchello and Tiramisu that I have ever had!” 3. Ka Sushi Cave “Some of my favourites on the evening: Gyoza dumplings, Ceviche and Chrirashi.” “... after the first bite of our gyoza we knew we found something special.” 4. Dona Flor Bistro

Should I go to gordinnis or go to Cascais?

Go if you are fed up of the excellent food you can find in any other restaurant in cascais. If this tale of utter misery hasn’t dissuaded you enough, the toilets at gordinni’s are nightmarish beyond belief. One would enjoy a more comfortable experience in any motorway service.

What to do in Marina de Cascais?

Marina de Cascais is a treasure trove of spots to dine, take in lovely views of the water, and hang around the boating crowd. Rather than pick a specific restaurant here, we recommend you stroll through this beautiful area and see what appeals at the time.

Where is the best seafood in Cascais?

Boca do Inferno is one of the must-see geologic attractions for many visitors to Cascais, and the nearby Mar do Inferno is a must-go restaurant for many seafood lovers. This high-end eatery is often the first place locals mention when asked for the best seafood in town.

Why do you want to visit Cascais?

Great sea food !!! Fresh sea food !!! And beautiful view of the ocean. My husband and I visit for the first time Cascais and it’s very beautiful city.

Where to eat at Casa da Guia?

Another spot at the Casa da Guia complex that offers a rustic, outdoorsy place to eat with water views is Palaphita. Calling itself an “eco-lounge,” Palaphita serves Brazilian and South American cuisine, representing its Amazonian roots. Salads, sandwiches, fondues, and more embody the rustic vibe.

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