What is Prozis?

Prozis is an internet-based Portuguese brand that pertains to the and is active in the sports nutrition sector. The company is based in Esposende and is one of the biggest sports nutrition store in Europe, with over 800,000 registered and active customers across more than 100 markets.

What is the Prozis golden club?

The Golden Club is a new subscription program that allows you to buy selected Prozis products at one tenth of their price, while getting all the subscription payments back in the form of store credit. Imagine that a product costs €50.00. For Golden Club members: You buy this product for only €5.00.

How much money does Prozis make?

In 2015, it employed over 230 people and had a revenue of more than 45 million euros. Prozis was founded in 2007 by Miguel Milhão. Besides selling sports supplements online, it also produces them on a large scale at its production facility in Póvoa de Lanhoso, in which an amount of 5 million euros was invested.

What does Prozis do for trail running?

Prozis is a partner of the ATRP (Associação de Trail Running de Portugal, the Portuguese Trail Running Association) and became a sponsor of the Portuguese Trail Running Championships as of 2016, as a naming partner. The championships are made up of four competitions, of which three are national championships and one is the Portuguese Cup.

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